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Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler

United Kingdom

Tom Wheeler | ESEI Faculty 2024

Tom Wheeler, an esteemed alumnus of ESEI International Business School, United Kingdom, is a distinguished figure in the realm of sports sustainability. Holding a Master’s degree in Sports Management from our prestigious program, Tom embodies the spirit of innovation and commitment to sustainable practices within the sports industry. As a faculty member, he is dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation of leaders in sports sustainability.

Professional Background

Currently serving as the Sustainable Partnerships Director at Recipric, Tom’s role underscores his unwavering dedication to fostering a more environmentally responsible future in sports. He specializes in creating synergies between sports properties—including clubs, competitions, and athletes—and sustainable brands, establishing partnerships that not only achieve commercial success but also make significant ecological contributions.

Core Expertise of Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler’s expertise lies at the intersection of sports management and sustainability. With a deep understanding of how to align sports entities with sustainable practices, he excels in leveraging sponsorships from eco-conscious brands to create impactful partnerships. His work in the field serves as a benchmark for integrating environmental responsibility with sports management, showcasing the potential for the sports industry to contribute positively to global sustainability efforts.

Teaching Specialties of Tom Wheeler

In his teaching role, Tom Wheeler brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to the classroom, offering students a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices within the sports industry. His courses focus on sustainable partnerships, environmental responsibility in sports management, and the strategic alignment of sports properties with eco-friendly initiatives. Tom’s approach to teaching is characterized by its practical relevance, encouraging students to apply sustainable concepts in innovative ways within the sports sector.

Impact on Students

Tom Wheeler’s influence on his students is profound, fostering a learning environment that emphasizes the importance of sustainability in sports. His unique blend of academic prowess and practical experience in sports sustainability provides students with an invaluable perspective on how to navigate and impact the sports industry positively. Tom’s passion for and dedication to environmental responsibility inspire students to pursue careers that bridge the gap between sports management and sustainable development, aligning with ESEI’s mission to cultivate socially responsible leaders.

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