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Pablo Betran Lazaga

Pablo Betran Lazaga

Executive Director | General Manager | Corporate Business Director |

Pablo Betran Lazaga | ESEI Faculty 2024

Pablo Betran Lazaga is a seasoned executive with a distinguished international career spanning over two decades, marked by various leadership roles across board memberships, general management, business development, and sales operations. His vast experience has been driven by a passion for executing business plans and cultivating high-performance teams, with a firm belief in leveraging individuals’ capabilities for organizational success.

Professional Background

Pablo Betran Lazaga’s career is characterized by his exceptional ability to lead and develop teams, achieve business objectives, and drive growth. As the founder of Talents4people, a management consultancy, he combines his extensive experience with a commitment to elevating professionals and companies to new heights of excellence. Talents4people embodies Pablo’s vision of harnessing individual talents to enhance employability and performance in the contemporary market.

Core Expertise of Pablo Betran Lazaga

Pablo specializes in executive coaching, team development, and strategic business consultancy. His approach focuses on identifying and nurturing the unique talents of individuals and integrating these strengths into broader organizational goals. Through Talents4people, Pablo offers services such as Transición 10 and Executive Coaching 1×1, alongside executive training for teams, companies, and business schools, aiming to unlock the full potential of professionals in various sectors.

Teaching Specialties

In his teaching engagements, Pablo imparts his wealth of knowledge in leadership, team building, business development, and talent management. His courses are designed to equip students with the skills necessary to navigate complex business environments, lead with confidence, and foster an atmosphere of growth and innovation. Pablo emphasizes the importance of personal and professional development, offering insights into effective strategies for identifying and leveraging individual talents within team and organizational contexts.

Impact on Students

Pablo Betran Lazaga’s impact on students is profound, inspiring them to explore and develop their unique talents and apply them effectively in their professional journeys. His dedication to mentoring and coaching fosters a learning environment that encourages self-discovery, strategic thinking, and practical application of leadership and management principles. Through his guidance, students are prepared to excel in their careers, armed with the understanding of how to contribute their unique strengths to achieve collective success.


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