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Ausias Acarin Wieland

Ausiàs Acarín Wieland

Project Director @ KUKOA

Ausias Acarin Wieland | ESEI Faculty 2024

Ausiàs Acarin Wieland is a versatile and innovative professional whose career intersects the dynamic fields of web development, digital marketing, and microbiology. With a foundational academic background in Microbiology and advanced degrees in Web Accessibility and Project Management, Ausiàs brings a unique blend of scientific rigor and digital creativity to the ESEI Business School. His early foray into web development and SEO, starting with a significant role at Altavista in 1998, set the stage for a career marked by continuous learning and professional evolution.

Current Position

Ausiàs serves as a faculty member at ESEI Business School, where he imparts his extensive knowledge and experience in digital project direction, SEO strategy, and web development. His role is instrumental in preparing students for the complexities and challenges of the digital world, equipping them with the skills necessary to navigate and succeed in various online platforms.

Core Expertise of Ausias Acarin Wieland

With a career that spans more than two decades, Ausiàs has developed a profound expertise in front-end development, SEO, and digital strategy. His work encompasses a wide array of projects, including microsites, corporate extranets, intranets, ecommerce, and elearning platforms. His strategic consultancy work through Kukoa, a company he co-founded in 2008, highlights his capability in delivering innovative solutions across diverse industries such as hospitality, retail, insurance, and more.

Teaching Specialties of Ausias Acarin Wieland

Ausiàs specializes in teaching subjects related to web development, digital marketing, and SEO. His comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape, combined with practical experience in managing complex projects, allows him to offer invaluable insights into effective digital strategies and project management. He is particularly adept at conveying technical knowledge in an accessible and engaging manner, ensuring students are well-prepared for the digital challenges of their future careers.

Impact on Students

Ausiàs Acarin Wieland’s teaching goes beyond imparting technical skills; he inspires students to think critically and innovate within the digital space. His diverse background and hands-on experience with major clients and projects provide a rich source of real-world case studies and learning opportunities. Students benefit from his ability to translate complex digital marketing and web development concepts into actionable knowledge, preparing them for successful careers in an increasingly digital world.

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