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Best Master in Sports Management to successfully lead in the Sports Industry!


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Master in Sports Management

Imagine studying in the stadium, visiting sports companies, and networking with sports professionals. You can do it all with our Master in Sports Management.

Our programme is considered the Best Master in Sport Management by our students, and it is focused on offering a variety of opportunities in the sector in areas such as business, marketing and law, communication, and technology.

The Master in Sports Management is designed to help you gain the skills you need

to succeed in the global sports industry. Our expert faculty members will introduce you to disruptive players and developments, and coach you on where and how to look for opportunities as well as how to build successful sports businesses.

With our Master in Sports Management, you’ll equip yourself with the tools you need to start your career, whether you’re aiming for a management position, a leadership role, or a spot in the boardroom. You’ll learn how high-performance athletes manage themselves and their teams, organise and run major sporting events, maintain successful sports facilities—and more.

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level?

Project-Based Learning

Our Master in Sports Management uses a project-based learning and assessment approach to help you learn the skills necessary for success today. You will work in groups to develop projects that require creativity and the ability to work together with other individuals – just like in the workplace. You will learn to work as a team, negotiate , and communicate with other students in your project group.

Your performance in the programme will be based on your effectiveness in engaging fellow students, and faculty and applying sports management skills acquired in the course to solve real-life business challenges.

Impact Lab

Our Master in Sports Management also features immersive workshops and learning walks in Barcelona to develop power skills, including communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and adaptability, necessary to thrive in today’s workplace. Students can observe and learn from real-time businesses with the guidance of experienced faculty.   

Our International Business Faculty

Learn from the best sports business minds in the world. Our faculty consists of experienced sports management professionals and business experts with real insight and a wealth of knowledge to pass on to you. We are dedicated to delivering innovative, relevant, and timely programmes that put you ahead of the game.

Field Visits

The field visits are thoughtfully designed to provide students with firsthand exposure to the realities of their respective industries.

Why Study a Master in Sports Management degree at ESEI?

Are you dreaming of turning your passion for sports into an actual professional career?

The sports industry moves masses and millions, and there has never been a better opportunity to secure a professional role within the industry. At ESEI, we have the Best Master in Sports Management to get you started on your journey to making a living of your dream.

Our Sports Management programme gives you the tools to develop your own management style in order to secure a job in the fast-paced world of sports. This Master is designed for people looking for practical hands-on experience working in the sector. We will teach you all the skills necessary to be able to excel in this exciting and competitive industry.

At ESEI, you will increase your career potential and personal brand by demonstrating:


World-Class Education

Received from ESEI International Business School and our pool of top Sport management professionals.


International Exposure

By being immersed in ESEI’s multicultural community of students and faculty. Over 92 countries have been represented at ESEI since its founding in 1989!


Practical Sports Business and Management Skills

Received through ESEI’s commitment to project-based learning assessment approach.


Strong Professional Network

Developed through networking opportunities with top business executives you will meet during your Master programme.

Get the Job You’ve Always Wanted!

ESEI Students Enhanced their Professional Profiles
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Management Positions Today

ESEI International Business School Private Degree

Our Master in Sports Management is awarded by ESEI International Business School. ESEI was founded as a business community in 1989 and since then continues to be a nationally and internationally recognized think tank.

Upgrade to an International MBA in Sports Management

Are you looking to fast-track your career with executive sports management roles – but are uncertain how to get started?

Our International MBA in Sports Management is designed to take your existing experience and fast track it into a higher-level management role. By upgrading your Master in Sports Management to an International MBA in Sports Management, your professional profile will become more attractive to employers looking to hire executives in key management positions.

An International MBA puts you at an advantage over the competition. After just one year of learning from the top business professionals at ESEI, you’ll have a proven edge on CVs worldwide. Find out more about the International MBA here.

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Career Opportunities in Sports Management

Do you want to manage sports teams and facilities, promote professional athletes and sports personalities or represent athletes and negotiate contracts?

If so, then at ESEI, you can study the Best Master in Sports Management to lead you to successful careers in areas such as: Sports Agents, Facilities coordinator, Athletic director, Sports marketing account manager, Athlete development specialist, Sales Director of Sports equipment, Public Relations Manager, Event Coordinator, Business Development Coordinator, Advertising manager, Retail Marketing coordinator, Digital Media marketer.

 Our Master in Sports Management can boost your chances of success as a professional.  

Companies that Employ ESEI Students & Alumni:

Introducing: Rahul Lohar

Alumni of Master in Sports Management Programme

Introducing: Tom Wheeler

Alumni of Master in Sports Management Programme

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer all of your questions

Programme Questions

Our Master in Sports Management programme is a one-year programme, which is run over two academic semesters: fall semester (October to February) and spring semester (February to June). You can choose to start the programme either in the Fall or Spring.

Our Master is run on weekdays in the evenings from 6pm to 9pm. You will have classes 2-3 times per week, which allows you to work and study at the same time.
Additionally, if you are a non-EU student who requires a student visa to study in Spain, our Sports Management programme meets the student visa requirements of full time study in Spain.

Students must attend at least 5 out of 7 sessions for each module. They cannot miss more than 2 classes for any reason. Absence will only be justified for observance of religious holidays. All Medical appointments, family commitments, etc. Must fall within the allowed absence.

Each module within our Sports Management programme has 4 assessment components: a group submission (40%), an individual submission (20%) and a formal oral presentation (20%) for your module project, as well as a participation grade (20%) based on your participation during classes.

Yes! Within your classes, you will have guest speakers in your discipline, and some of your course projects will happen in collaboration with a real business. Additionally ESEI runs guest speaker sessions throughout the year, some of which will focus specifically on Sports Management, and all of which will provide relevant insights for you. Furthemore, you will have visits open throughout the year to different local companies giving you insight into the Barcelona business landscape.

If you are looking for an internship in Sports Management, Barcelona is the perfect city to find one. There are many opportunities in various sectors, so you can find something that’s a perfect match for you! ESEI will post new internship offers on its digital platform regularly, but you should also attend some of the many networking events the city has to offer. It’s all about making connections and creating opportunities!

We offer assistance with finding internships with our dedicated Career Services team, who are in direct contact with companies and HR agencies and provide up-to-date internship opportunities. Find out more about our Career Services here.

Our Master in Sports Management is one of our private degrees, which means it's awarded directly by ESEI. This allows us to create flexible programmes that are suited to the current demands of the business community.
ESEI has been providing postgraduate business programmes for over 30 years, and is accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya to teach international business programmes to local and foreign students.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will obtain a private Masters degree from ESEI International Business School. The title of the degree will state Master in Sports Management.

You'll be presented with your Sports Management ESEI diploma at our graduation ceremony, which typically takes place in July. If you need proof of your degree completion for work or other reasons, we can provide a signed letter to use as proof until you receive your actual diploma. You can email us at [email protected] if you have any specific questions about your diploma or degree.

General Questions

You can apply to ESEI at any time during the year. However, because we have limited places in our Sports Management programme, we do recommend that you start your application sooner rather than later to guarantee your spot.

Non-EU students that need a student visa to study in Spain should start their application at least 8 months in advance to make sure you get your visa in time for the start of classes.

We have a unique opportunity for students who are in their final year of their Bachelor degree or are waiting for their final Bachelor degree diploma and transcripts. In this case, you can apply for a conditional acceptance, which means that we can accept you into our Sports Management programme before you complete your Bachelor degree, however, you will need to provide us with your final academic records and diploma before the start of the Master’s.

If your Bachelor degree has a duration of less than 4 years, you can still apply for our Master in Sports Management programme. In this case, you will need to send in your full academic records and Bachelor degree diploma to us to fully review your previous studies.

First of all, we want you to know that we want you here, too. It doesn't matter where you're starting from—if your level of English isn't as high as you'd like it to be, or if you don't have an official English proficiency score, we can help you get started with the Best Master in Sports Management in English. So keep reading!

You can apply to ESEI if you have a good command of English but are lacking an official English proficiency score. If this is the case, after your admission interview, you may be required to take an English test to confirm your level of English.

If you do not have a good command of English—no worries! We'll walk with you through our English Preparation Course before the start of your Masters programme. This course normally takes place in August and January each year, so no matter what month you're accepted into ESEI, by the time your programme starts, we'll make sure that your language skills are good enough to start the Masters!
Find out more about our English Preparation Course here.

We want people to succeed. And we know that sometimes, the biggest obstacle in your path is banking on a future above your budget. That's why we offer scholarships and a host of other financial aid options to support students who are committed to their personal and professional development. Find out more about Scholarships and Financial Aid here.

At the moment, our Master in Sports Management programme is available only on-campus in Barcelona.

Yes! We welcome transfer students wanting to take part in the Best Master in Sports Management in Barcelona! If you're looking to complete your Master's at ESEI, just apply and provide us with your full academic transcripts. We review transfer applications on a case-by-case basis.

If you're looking for a shorter experience, we have a range of short courses with a 7-week duration available to you. You can contact our International Student Advisor about options for exchange students. Find out more about Short Courses here.

The compact and intense nature of our Sports Management programme makes it difficult for our students to have an exchange semester abroad, due to the fact that our curriculum must be completed within an academic year.

We've made every effort to make sure that our curriculum aligns with the skills and knowledge businesses are looking for in international talent who have studied the Best Master in Sports Management. And because Barcelona is such an international city, you'll be able to take advantage of the city's status as a hub of industry and business—and all the opportunities that come with it.

For European students who don't need a student visa, you can stay in Spain after graduation and work full-time without any special permit. All you'll need to do is get your Spanish NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) and Social Security Number, and then you'll be good to go!

For non-European students, it's a little more complicated—but not much!
Non-European students who need a student visa to study in Spain can continue to live and work in Spain under an Internship visa which can be extended for up to 2 years after their studies at ESEI. After 3 years of legal stay in Spain, you can then apply for a work permit.

We know that many students coming to Barcelona looking to study sports management abroad are looking for housing options—and we hear you!

Our campus facilities do not include student dorms. However, we do provide a list of student residences close to our campus where you can live as well as student accommodation agencies that help you find your ideal home in Barcelona, with attractive promotional codes specific to our students. Find out more about Housing options here.

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