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Antoine Delmas

Antoine Delmas

Co-Founder @ 7Flower

Antoine Delmas | ESEI Faculty 2024

Antoine Delmas is a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurship in the bustling city of Barcelona. As a French entrepreneur with a keen eye for the convergence of Technology, Hospitality, and Experiential Marketing, Antoine has carved a distinctive path in the business world. His diverse array of successful ventures showcases his expertise and strategic prowess, making him an invaluable asset as an educator and mentor at ESEI Business School.

Current Position

At the forefront of several prosperous projects, Antoine exemplifies the essence of strategic innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. His leadership not only drives his ventures forward but also lights the way for the next generation of business leaders. In his role as an educator, Antoine commits himself to imparting the wealth of knowledge and real-world experience he has accumulated over the years to young, aspiring entrepreneurs.

Core Expertise of Antoine Delmas

Antoine’s expertise spans the Lean Startup methodology, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. His primary focus is on guiding teams toward the successful launch of their businesses, reducing the risks associated with new ventures, and achieving the critical Product-Market Fit. His hands-on approach and practical insights into the dynamics of startup development and market engagement make him an essential guide for those embarking on the entrepreneurial journey.

Teaching Specialities of Antoine Delmas

With a passion for nurturing emerging talent, Antoine specializes in teaching courses that revolve around entrepreneurship, innovation, and the practical application of the Lean Startup methodology. His teaching is deeply influenced by his philosophy of continuous growth and exploration, aiming to inspire students to pursue their projects with resilience, strategic thinking, and an insatiable desire for learning.

Impact on Students

Antoine Delmas’ impact on his students transcends traditional academic boundaries. He serves as a living example of what it means to continuously innovate, adapt, and thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape. His commitment to sharing his journey and insights fosters a learning environment that is not only informative but also immensely inspiring. Students leave Antoine’s classes equipped not just with theoretical knowledge, but with the mindset, tools, and courage to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and innovation in the real world.

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