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Frank Hendrickx

Frank Hendrickx

Co-Founder @ Sports Talent Network

Frank Hendrickx | ESEI Faculty 2024

Frank Hendrickx is a distinguished entrepreneur and educator in the sports business, with a profound commitment to enhancing the quality of sports education and athlete care. As the Co-founder of Sports Talent Network, based in Barcelona, Frank has been instrumental in providing high-quality education within the sports industry. His role as a Partner of Podoactiva Elite Barcelona further underscores his expertise in sports biomechanics, injury prevention, and podiatry, making significant contributions to the well-being and performance of athletes.

Professional Background

With a career deeply rooted in the sports industry, Frank has built an impressive network of ex-athletes and decision-makers on an international level. His entrepreneurial ventures, Sports Talent Network and Podoactiva Elite Barcelona reflect his dedication to elevating the standards of education and care in the sports domain. Frank’s initiatives are driven by a vision to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application in sports management and athlete care.

Core Expertise of Frank Hendrickx

Frank Hendrickx’s core expertise lies in sports business education, biomechanics, injury prevention, and podiatry. His comprehensive understanding of the sports industry, combined with his practical experience in athlete care, positions him as a leading figure in sports management education. Frank’s strategic approach to building and nurturing an international network has facilitated valuable collaborations and advancements in the field.

Teaching Specialties

In his educational role, Frank specializes in delivering content that encompasses the breadth of the sports business, with a particular emphasis on sports biomechanics, injury prevention, and the practical aspects of podiatry. His teaching methodology is anchored in real-world applicability, preparing students to navigate the complexities of the sports industry with a well-rounded understanding of both business and athlete care considerations.

Impact on Students

Frank Hendrickx’s impact on students is characterized by his ability to inspire and prepare the next generation of sports industry professionals. Through his guidance, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to make meaningful contributions to the sports business, with an emphasis on improving athlete performance and welfare. Frank’s dedication to fostering a deeper connection between academic pursuits and industry practices empowers students to pursue careers that are both rewarding and impactful.

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