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José Maria Capella Oliva

José Maria Capella Oliva

Independent Marketing Professional Specialized in Tourism

José Maria Capella Oliva | ESEI Faculty 2024

José Maria Capella Oliva has extensive professional experience in the world of marketing. Since the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, he has worked in consumer marketing departments (cosmetics and food), in service companies such as advertising agencies, and companies in the tourism sector such as consultancies, theme parks, and tourist resorts.

Current Position of José Maria Capella Oliva

  • Freelance and entrepreneur: José Maria Capella Oliva is currently involved in tourist consulting and training projects, sharing all his knowledge and experience with new generations.

Core Expertise

  • Commercial diagnosis: José Maria Capella Oliva has deep experience in diagnosing the situation of companies to propose improvements in the commercial field.
  • Strategic Planning: José Maria Capella Oliva creates Marketing Plans that respond to the objectives that companies set annually, always adding a sustainable and profitable vision.
  • Operational Vision Management: Very operational, practical, and measurable proposals. For José Maria Capella Oliva, being focused on action is essential when designing profitable marketing actions.
  • Competitive Advantage: use of methodologies to create competitive advantages that allow companies to compete more efficiently. Sustainability is always a must.
  • Positioning: knowledgeable in how to help companies define themselves, as an efficient starting point for any marketing plan.
  • Segmentation: used to identify those market segments most related to the value propositions of companies and, above all, to quantify them.
  • Excellent Communicator: as a key tool to transmit knowledge. Defender of the idea that efficient business communication begins with oneself.

José Maria Capella Oliva Teaching Specialities

José Maria Capella Oliva brings his extensive 32 years of knowledge and experience to the classroom. Subjects used to teach: Fundamentals of marketing. Traditional marketing and digital marketing. Experiential marketing. Social networks and tourism. Sustainable marketing. Turistic Marketing. Marketing for Mice. Marketing. Gastronomic marketing.

Impact on Students

José  helps students understand the concepts related to marketing in a very simple and practical way, to organize the enormous existing information, giving it meaning and organizing a marketing plan in a very practical and operational way. Its objective is to help them reason, think, and reflect judiciously before acting. The pillars on which to build brave and professional marketing are creativity, sustainability, planning, and profitability. ¿Do you think that we should continue selling more? or maybe ¿it’s just about selling…better?

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