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tim wekezer

Tim Wekezer

Founder and CEO at Waitrr

Tim Wekezer | ESEI Faculty 2024

Tim Wekezer is co-founder and CEO of, a QR ordering and payments company. Founded in 2015, Waitrr has clients in 7 countries and was selected as one of ASEAN’s top startups by the World Economic Forum.

Born into a family of restaurant and hotel owners, Tim understands the food business operations in and out, having served his first table at the age of 8 and later managing several of the group’s venues.

In 2017, Tim co-founded thekeystone. sg, a 100-pax student residence in Singapore. Tim grew up in Germany and attended Hotelschool The Hague, a hospitality-oriented business school in The Netherlands (Bachelor of Business Administration) and INSEAD in Singapore (MBA) with an exchange to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Current Position of Tim Wekezer

CEO of Waitrr Project Director for Keystone.


  • Teaching University Students
  • Startup Mentoring

Core Expertise of Tim Wekezer

  • Going from 0 to 1: Tim has started multiple companies and is an expert in launching businesses from scratch and with a very limited budget.
  • Building Tech: Tim has experience in building complex platforms (both web- and app-based)
  • Hospitality Industry: With 25+ years of experience in the hospitality industry under the belt, Tim is an expert in both restaurant and hotel operations. Having worked for brands like Hyatt and several Michelin-star restaurants, he has insights from some of the world’s best brands in the industry.
  • The Lean Methodology: Having built multiple profitable businesses, Tim puts a lot of weight on teaching the Lean Methodology in combination with different approaches in the Hospitality industry.

Teaching Specialities

Tim’s specialty combines Tech with Hospitality. He shares his learnings with the students, teaching modules in Innovation in the Hospitality Industry, Food & Beverage Management, and Innovative Business Models. These courses prepare the students for a successful career as a leaders in their field.

Impact on Students

Tim Wekezer is passionate about helping students launch their companies and create solutions with valuable business models. Many students also appreciate the pragmatic approach in the lessons, which they can easily put into action in their projects.

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