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Denis Boevskiy

Denis Boevskiy

Business Expert & Professor

Denis Boevskiy | ESEI Faculty 2024

Denis Boevskiy is an esteemed member of the faculty at ESEI Business School, specializing in Innovation, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Stationed in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Denis merges a profound academic foundation with extensive real-world business experience, enriching our learning community with invaluable insights and expertise.

Current Position

As a Professor of Innovation, Finance, and Entrepreneurship, Denis plays a pivotal role in shaping the minds of future business leaders. His academic journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to advancing these critical fields, offering students a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between innovation and finance in today’s dynamic business environment.

Core Expertise of Denis Boevskiy

Denis’s expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects within innovation, finance, and entrepreneurship. His distinguished position as a member of the Academy of Management reflects his dedication to high standards of scholarship and research. This, combined with his real-world experience as a Chief Financial Officer and board member, allows Denis to provide a well-rounded education that bridges theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Teaching Specialties of Denis Boevskiy

Denis specializes in delivering content that covers the essentials of innovation, financial strategy, and entrepreneurial leadership. His approach to teaching is deeply rooted in the belief that practical, hands-on experience complements academic learning. Students benefit from Denis’s unique perspective on navigating the intricacies of financial management and innovation in the business world, equipped with the knowledge to tackle real-world challenges effectively.

Impact on Students

The impact of Denis Boevskiy on his students goes beyond conventional education; he inspires a generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders to think critically and act strategically. Through his engaging lectures and dedication to imparting actionable knowledge, Denis fosters a learning environment that prepares students for the complexities of the global marketplace. His commitment to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with a blend of theory and practical insights ensures that ESEI graduates are ready to lead and innovate in their future endeavors.

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