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Carolina Lauzen

Carolina Lauzen

UX Designer | User Experience Strategist

Carolina Lauzen | ESEI Faculty 2024

Carolina Lauzen has more than 15 years of experience as a Product Designer and User Experience Designer. With a background in Industrial Design, Marketing, and Design Thinking, she facilitates and contributes to projects of innovative products and services across different industries. Since 2020 she has been teaching Design Thinking and Innovation at ESEI’s master courses.

Current Position of Carolina Lauzen

  • Nacar Strategic Design Agency (Barcelona): Carolina currently has the role of Senior User Experience Designer, managing projects to create products and services that not only meet the functional requirements but also provide a positive and enjoyable experience for its users.

Core Expertise

  • Product development: Carolina Lauzen possesses a robust background in product design, leveraging a blend of strategic thinking, creativity, and technical acumen, and delivering solutions from concept to market, emphasizing user-centric design.
  • Project Management: Her skills include strategic planning, resource optimization, and effective team collaboration, resulting in the timely delivery of high-quality outcomes
  • Problem Definition and User-Centered Design: Carolina Lauzen excels in identifying and framing complex challenges. Through a user-centric approach, she crafts solutions that not only address user needs but also enhance overall user experiences. The process involves thorough research, empathetic understanding, and iterative prototyping to create impactful and user-friendly designs.
  • User Research: Carolina demonstrates profound expertise in conducting user interviews, surveys, and usability testing to understand user needs, behaviors, and preferences.
  • Persona Development: She is proficient in creating user personas to represent the target audience, helping to understand and prioritize design decisions based on user characteristics.
  • User Journey Mapping: Mapping out the various touchpoints and interactions users have with the product to understand the overall user journey, is also one of her frequently used methodologies.
  • Information Architecture: Carolina Lauzen is well-versed in organizing and structuring content and information to ensure a logical and user-friendly flow within a digital product. Iterative Design: Her working style embraces an iterative design process, making adjustments based on user feedback and evolving project requirements.
  • Prototyping and Testing: She has a strong grasp of seamlessly translating concepts into tangible prototypes. The approach involves rigorous testing to refine and optimize designs, ensuring the final product meets user expectations and achieves optimal functionality.

Teaching Specialities of Carolina Lauzen

Drawing upon her expertise, Carolina lectures the Design Thinking and Innovation module. This course is tailored to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to approach complex problems creatively, foster innovation, and develop solutions that truly meet user needs

Impact on Students

Under Carolina’s guidance and hands-on sessions, students at ESEI International Business School of Barcelona are empowered with a holistic understanding of design thinking and innovation, preparing them to drive positive change in various professional settings by creating meaningful, user-centric solutions.

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