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Jan jonckheere

Jan Jonckheere

International Business Expert @ Internacionaliza't

Jan Jonckheere | ESEI Faculty 2024

Jan Jonckheere is an esteemed professional in the field of International Business, bringing over 30 years of invaluable experience to his roles as a freelance consultant and educator. Having worked across Belgium, Germany, and Spain, Jan has garnered a wealth of expertise working with multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Export Promotion Agencies, Public Institutions, Associations, and Clusters. His comprehensive understanding of international business dynamics is complemented by his dedication to sharing this knowledge through teaching at prestigious Business Schools in Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Professional Background

Jan’s extensive career is distinguished by his ability to navigate the complexities of international business, from strategic planning to the nuanced challenges of export and import operations. His work as a freelance consultant has enabled him to support a diverse range of organizations in enhancing their global business strategies, operational efficiency, and market presence. Jan’s contributions extend beyond consulting, as he actively engages in fostering the growth and development of the international business community through collaboration with various institutions and clusters.

Core Expertise of Jan Jonckheere

With a broad perspective on international business, Jan’s expertise spans critical areas such as geopolitics, international strategy, and intercultural differences. His deep understanding of the daily operational challenges in the export and import business, including international logistics, finance, and marketing, ensures that his insights are both strategic and pragmatically grounded. This blend of high-level analysis and practical application positions Jan as a versatile expert in the field.

Teaching Specialties

In his teaching capacity, Jan focuses on a wide array of topics related to International Business. His courses cover essential subjects like geopolitics, international strategy, intercultural management, international logistics, finance, and marketing. Jan’s approach to education is characterized by an emphasis on real-world relevance, ensuring that students gain a comprehensive understanding of international business operations alongside the ability to tackle complex global challenges.

Impact on Students

Jan Jonckheere’s impact on his students is profound, as he inspires them to adopt a holistic and informed approach to international business. His dedication to bridging theoretical knowledge with practical insights prepares students for successful careers in a globalized economy. Through his guidance, students learn to navigate the intricacies of international markets with confidence and strategic acumen, equipped with the skills to make significant contributions in their professional endeavors.

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