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Elisenda Williams

Elisenda Williams

Digital Marketing Manager & Social Media Consultant

Elisenda Williams | ESEI Faculty 2024

Elisenda Williams is a seasoned expert in the digital marketing landscape, bringing over a decade of freelance digital marketing experience to ESEI Business School. Specializing in crafting and executing comprehensive digital strategies across various social media networks, Elisenda has a proven track record of coordinating successful digital marketing campaigns. Her expertise is not only practiced in the field but also shared through her role as a professor, where she molds the next generation of marketing professionals.

Current Position

At ESEI International Business School in Barcelona, Elisenda Williams serves as a Professor of Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing. Her practical experience as a freelance digital marketer enriches her teaching, providing students with current industry insights and real-world applications of digital marketing theories.

Core Expertise of Elisenda Williams

Elisenda Willaims’s core expertise lies in developing and implementing digital strategies specifically tailored for Social Media Networks. Her ability to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and coordinate impactful marketing campaigns sets her apart as a leader in her field. Her comprehensive understanding of digital marketing dynamics enables her to effectively engage with audiences and achieve significant outcomes for various projects.

Teaching Specialities of Elisenda Williams

As a dedicated educator, Elisenda specializes in teaching Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing. Her courses are designed to equip students with the skills necessary to excel in the digital marketing world. Through hands-on learning experiences, Elisenda ensures that her students are well-versed in the latest digital marketing tools and strategies, making them competitive in the job market.

Impact on Students

Elisenda Williams profoundly impacts her students by bridging the gap between academic theories and practical marketing applications. Her teachings emphasize the importance of a strategic approach to digital marketing, encouraging students to think creatively and analytically about engaging with digital audiences. Through her guidance, students learn to navigate complex digital landscapes with confidence and develop marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences. Elisenda’s passion for digital marketing and commitment to student success inspire her students to pursue excellence in their future careers.

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