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Esther Lopez

Esther Lopez

External Events Official Partner of the Mobile World Congress

Esther Lopez | ESEI Faculty 2024

Esther Lopez is a distinguished figure in the field of international communication and corporate event management, with over 15 years of experience leading high-profile events and serving as the Director of International Communication and Event Agencies. Her exceptional career is marked by a series of successful endeavors, notably her significant contribution to the Mobile World Congress, where she has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to innovation and customer loyalty.

Current Position

Esther’s expertise in orchestrating high-level corporate events has established her as a leader in the event planning industry. Her role as the External Events Official Partner of the Mobile World Congress underscores her capacity to manage one of the tech industry’s most pivotal gatherings. Through her leadership, she has not only elevated the event’s stature but also contributed to setting new benchmarks for the global technology community.

Core Expertise of Esther Lopez

Specializing in high-level corporate events, Esther has carved a niche for herself through her creative vision and strategic approach to event management. Her dedication to exceeding client expectations and her ability to lead with innovation and strategy have distinguished her as a thought leader in her field. Esther’s impact on the Mobile World Congress and her continued efforts to foster long-term customer loyalty are testaments to her skill and dedication.

Teaching Specialities

Esther brings to the classroom a wealth of knowledge in event planning, strategic communication, and innovation management. Her specialties include the design and execution of corporate events, strategic planning for customer engagement, and the application of innovative practices to ensure event success. Students learning under Esther’s guidance receive insights grounded in real-world experience, preparing them to navigate the complexities of international event management and communication.

Impact on Students

Esther Lopez’s influence on her students extends beyond traditional event planning concepts. She instills in them a passion for innovation, strategic thinking, and the pursuit of excellence in every endeavor. Through her experience as a key figure in the Mobile World Congress, she provides students with a unique perspective on the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. Esther’s dedication to developing effective strategies for long-term success equips her students with the tools they need to become future leaders in the world of corporate events and international communication.

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