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Soraiya Naimanan

Soraiya Naimanan

Director Of Studies @ Elite Business English SL

Soraiya Naimanan | ESEI Faculty 2024

Soraiya Naimanan is an accomplished educator and the esteemed Director of English at Elite Business English, where she leverages her extensive experience of over 12 years to design Business English Programs tailored to the needs of leading organizations. With a track record of success with top clients such as Grup Peralada, Leroy Merlin, Neuraxpharm, and Auren, Soraiya exemplifies excellence in professional English language training. Her academic background, holding a Joint Honours Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Kingston University London, underscores her analytical approach to language education and program development.

Professional Background

Soraiya’s professional journey is distinguished by her strategic role in Elite Business English, where her expertise in curriculum design and pedagogical leadership has significantly impacted the professional development of numerous individuals within the business community. Her innovative approach to creating Business English Programs aligns with the specific linguistic needs and objectives of her corporate clients, ensuring that language training is both relevant and effective.

Core Expertise of Soraiya Naimanan

With a core expertise in Business English training and program development, Soraiya Naimanan excels in bridging the gap between linguistic proficiency and professional communication. Her background in mathematics and computer science brings a unique perspective to language education, allowing for the integration of analytical skills and technology in enhancing learning outcomes.

Teaching Specialties of Soraiya Naimanan

As an educator, Soraiya Naimanan specializes in delivering Business English courses that cater to a wide range of professionals seeking to improve their communication skills in a corporate context. Her courses are designed to equip students with the linguistic tools necessary for effective business communication, negotiation, and presentation. Soraiya’s teaching methodology emphasizes practical application and immersive learning experiences, preparing students for the linguistic demands of the global business environment.

Impact on Students

Soraiya Naimanan’s impact on her students is significant, fostering an environment of continuous learning and professional growth. Through her tailored Business English Programs, Soraiya empowers students to achieve linguistic proficiency and confidence in their professional interactions. Her dedication to meeting the individual needs of her students and her commitment to excellence in language education inspire students to pursue mastery in Business English and succeed in their respective fields.

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