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Pau Pitarch

Pau Pitarch

Co-Founder @ PAX# Genuine Tourism Advisors

Pau Pitarch | ESEI Faculty 2024

Pau Pitarch is a Co-Founder and Partner of PAX# Genuine Tourism Advisors, a consulting firm based in Barcelona (Spain), that specializes in sustainable solutions to improve the tourism competitiveness of destinations, projects, and companies internationally.

He has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the tourism sector worldwide, actively working as an expert consultant specializing in the fields of destinations strategic planning, tourism sustainability, quality standards implementation, feasibility studies for hotel and leisure mixed-use projects, tourism markets research, capacity building, community engagement, institutional strengthening, and tourist product creation.

Current Position of Pau Pitarch

PAX# Genuine Tourism Advisors: Pau Pitarch cofounded the consulting company in 2010, and since then excels in his role as Partner Consultant, advising tourism stakeholders on the transformation to a sustainable holistic paradigm.

Core Expertise

Since 2010, as co-founder and partner consultant of PAX # Genuine Tourism Advisors, he has focused on the development of projects to improve the competitiveness of destinations and companies, being strategic planning, sustainability as value creation, and capacity building for the management and governance of tourism projects and destinations, the key axes of the company specialization.

Teaching Specialities of Pau Pitarch

Pau Pitarch brings his extensive knowledge to the classroom, teaching a module in Global Tourism. The course is tailored to develop capabilities and competencies in the management of tourist destinations in the face of global challenges, and also in applying the keys to competitiveness in hotel businesses.

Impact on Students

Under Pau Pitarch’s guidance, students at ESEI International Business School of Barcelona gain more than just critical thinking skills. They learn to evaluate the impacts on tourism worldwide, solve complex problems, and stay ahead in the competitive tourism landscape. Pau’s hands-on approach and real-world insights prepare students not just for academic success but for thriving careers. His mentorship is an invaluable asset, transforming students into the next generation of tourism professionals and leaders.

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