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Ron Pfeil

Ron Pfeil

Co-Founder @ ELASTiC

Ron Pfeil | ESEI Faculty 2024

Ron Pfeil is a revered teacher, skills trainer, and intercultural communication specialist whose extensive career spans over two decades, from the vibrant landscapes of Asia to the dynamic environment of Barcelona. With more than ten years of valuable experience at ESADE and now leading the transformative ELASTiC project, Ron has made significant contributions to the field of education, focusing on Executive, Linguistic, and Academic Skills Training.

Professional Background

Ron Pfeil’s professional journey is distinguished by his role in creating and leading the ELASTiC project, a consultancy team dedicated to redefining educational excellence through comprehensive training programs. Holding an M.A. in Foreign Affairs, he has developed varied skills courses such as “Leading a Multicultural Team” and “Pronunciation for Professionals,” addressing the crucial aspects of communication and leadership in diverse settings. His work with notable companies like Mediapro, Swarovski, and Airbnb underscores his impact on improving professional skills across sectors.

Core Expertise of Ron Pfeil

With a core expertise in intercultural communication and skills training, Ron excels in equipping individuals with the tools necessary to navigate and succeed in multicultural environments. His approach to education integrates humor and patience, creating a supportive and engaging learning atmosphere that encourages students to excel. Ron’s commitment to doing well by doing good reflects his dedication to positively impacting both his customers and the wider community through his educational initiatives.

Teaching Specialties of Ron Pfeil

As an educator, Ron Pfeil specializes in courses that focus on intercultural communication, leadership in diverse teams, and professional language skills. His teaching methodology is informed by his extensive experience and personal qualities, emphasizing the importance of humor and understanding in every cross-cultural interaction. Ron’s courses are designed to empower students to enhance their communication skills, leadership abilities, and cultural awareness, preparing them for success in global business environments.

Impact on Students

Ron Pfeil’s influence on his students is profound, inspiring them to embrace diversity and strive for excellence in their professional and personal lives. Through his innovative courses and the ELASTiC project, Ron provides students with the opportunity to develop critical skills that are indispensable in today’s interconnected world. His dedication to fostering an inclusive and dynamic learning environment enables students to uncover their potential and achieve their goals in multicultural settings.

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