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ESEI International Business School in Barcelona offers a portfolio of internationally outstanding undergraduate, postgraduate,professional, and language programmes which are up to speed with global market trends.

BA (HONS) inBusiness Administration

L4 – First year Bachelor

In the first year of your bachelor’s in Business Administration degree, you will build your foundations in business, examine case studies, current events and work on practical tasks. Diving into the principles of leadership, economics, marketing, and strategy, you will learn how to analyse, problem-solve and communicate your ideas effectively; real-world skills that you will apply all throughout your career.

L5 – Second year Bachelor

Building on your knowledge from year one, you will develop your understanding of number of different concepts, including; quantitative research in business, consumer behaviour, technology in business organisation, macroeconomics for business, among others.

L6 – Third year Bachelor

Awarded by the University of Worcester, your third year of study is equivalent to a final year of a UK Honours Degree. It will prepare you for a career in international business management and qualify you for a range of different postgraduate degrees in universities and institutions all around the world. You will graduate with in-depth knowledge of topics including strategic operations and quality management, international marketing strategy, business analysis and decision making and more.

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Short Courses
Summer Courses


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