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Career Services

Career Services

At ESEI, we’re all about career development. That’s why our Career Service team works hard to give you the tools and knowledge you need to make your career a success. 

When you’re ready to start applying your skills in the real world, we’ll be there with the resources to help you find professional opportunities that put into practice everything you’ve learned in our classrooms — and help you reach top positions within organizations.

We understand that employability is one of your top priorities, and our goal is to give you the tools necessary for a successful job search.

We offer free career services to our students. Whether you need to build a resume, prepare for an interview, or create a killer portfolio we are here to help you reach new heights of success in your field. We see our students achieve great things because of the help they have received from us.


Get the Job You’ve Always Wanted!

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Career Services included in your Programme

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Internships at ESEI

Are you looking to gain international work experience as you gain the skills needed to thrive professionally? 

If so, Barcelona is the perfect city to find an internship. The city has a variety of internships in different sectors, so you can find one that’s a good fit for you!

At ESEI, we work to connect you with businesses in Barcelona that are looking for international talent. We’ll post new internship offers on our digital platform, but you should also attend some of the many networking events available at ESEI. It’s all about making connections and creating opportunities!

Our Career Services team are in direct contact with companies and HR agencies and provide up-to-date internship opportunities.

Job Market in Barcelona

Are you looking to relocate to a city that offers numerous career opportunities? If so, Barcelona is a hub for new economic opportunities, and it’s home to some of the most prominent strategic sectors in the world.

On LinkedIn, there are more than 25,000 daily international job vacancies in Barcelona alone ranging from hotel managers to customer engagement specialists to strategy consultants. 

According to Salary Explorer, the average salary of a professional working in Barcelona as of 2021 was approximately 3,130 euros per month. 

In general, professionals with more than five years of experience tend to earn 36% more than those with five years or less of work experience.

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Secure your Employability with ESEI

Are you ready to work in your field after graduation?

We also offer a premium Career and Coaching Development Programme to students who would like to have step-by-step guidance in navigating their professional development. 

Our premium programme is not just about getting you a job, it’s about making sure that it’s the right fit for YOU. We work with you to find out what kind of work environment and culture will be best for your career development. Our goal is to ensure that by the time we’re done helping you find your dream job, it’s something that will make you excited to go to work every day!

Companies that Employ ESEI Students & Alumni:

Helpful Resources

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Discover Exciting Opportunities for Your Career Growth:
Every year, Barcelona plays host to a plethora of job fairs and events, all geared towards propelling career development and facilitating invaluable networking experiences. Here are some of the most notable ones curated by the ESEI Career Services team, ensuring you have access to prime opportunities throughout your academic journey:

Job Barcelona Fair:

An inclusive platform bringing together leading employers and talented individuals, offering a diverse array of job opportunities across various sectors.

Barcelona Tech Job Fair:

An essential event for tech enthusiasts, connecting top tech companies with skilled professionals and aspiring talents in the vibrant tech ecosystem of Barcelona.

Barcelona Expat Life - Job Fair:
Tailored for expatriates seeking employment in Barcelona, providing invaluable resources and opportunities to integrate into the city's dynamic job market.

Barcelona International Community Day:
A must-attend event for international professionals, fostering connections, sharing insights, and showcasing job prospects within Barcelona's thriving international community.

ESEI Career Fair:
Exclusive to ESEI students, this fair brings together a curated selection of employers seeking to recruit top talent from our institution, providing a direct pathway to exciting career prospects.

Explore these exceptional opportunities and take proactive steps towards shaping your professional future in Barcelona!

In the post-COVID era, online job applications have emerged as the primary means for companies to attract potential candidates. To assist you in your search, the Career Services team has compiled a comprehensive set of links for you to explore even before the programme commences.

Employment agencies such as these offer access to jobs in specific fields and industries:

Michael Page

In Barcelona, an abundance of networking activities awaits you throughout your academic journey. We enthusiastically encourage our community to actively engage in these enriching opportunities. Here, we have compiled a selection of some of the most exciting events to share with you:

Tech Meetups



Career development remains a crucial aspect for entrepreneurs, manifesting in the continuous growth of their businesses and their pursuit of knowledge to enhance efficiency, innovation, and resource optimization. Our dedicated career team is eager to share valuable resources tailored for those with an entrepreneurial mindset or aspiring to become entrepreneurs..

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Barcelona Activa

EO Barcelona

Startup Grind

Embracing our passion for sports, we firmly believe that Barcelona offers the ideal environment to kickstart your career in this dynamic industry. Don't miss the chance to explore the following webpages from our dedicated partners, brimming with exciting opportunities in the world of sports. Get ready to take your first steps towards a fulfilling career!

Sport Tek Job


Global Sports Job

We are incredibly passionate about hospitality and tourism, and we are confident that Barcelona provides an exceptional platform to jumpstart your career in this vibrant industry. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore the following webpages, where you will find a wealth of enticing prospects and openings in the hospitality and tourism sector. Embrace the journey towards a rewarding and fulfilling career!



Marriott Careers

At ESEI, our primary goal is to equip you with valuable content that prepares you for a successful career journey as an international student. Explore the following curated list of blogs, carefully crafted to provide you with the best information and guidance to land your dream job.

- A 2023 Guide to Securing Internships in Barcelona: Everything You Need to Know

- Top Skills to Include on Your Resume for Job Search Success

- Finding Jobs in Barcelona: A Guide for Non-EU Students

Additionally, on the Barcelona International Welcome website, uncover everything you need to know about how the labor market operates in Barcelona.

What is a Career Fair at ESEI?

Companies at ESEI Career Fairs

Student Experience at ESEI Career Fairs

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Connect with ESEI Career Services team to share job opportunities, take part in job fairs, or promote your business.

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