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Shabaz Latif

From ESEI to Université de Paris Saclay. The Inspiring PhD Story of Shahbaz Latif

Shabaz Latif

Shahbaz Latif’s Transformative Educational Journey

The path to academic and professional excellence is often marked by pivotal decisions, diverse experiences, and relentless determination. Shahbaz Latif’s educational journey embodies these qualities, offering invaluable insights into the transformative power of higher education. From the historic and culturally rich streets of Barcelona at ESEI to the prestigious halls of Paris-Saclay, Shahbaz’s story is a testament to the impact of strategic choices and the pursuit of excellence in one’s academic and career aspirations.

Beginning the Adventure at ESEI

In 2019, Shahbaz embarked on a journey that would not only shape his academic credentials but also expand his global perspective and professional network. Drawn to Spain’s charm, particularly Barcelona’s vibrant culture and favorable climate, he discovered ESEI’s Master’s Degree in Business Management. This programme stood out for several reasons, crucial among them being its flexible class timings, which allowed Shahbaz to immerse himself in the local culture and explore Barcelona’s beauty.

Choosing ESEI for Master’s in Business Management

The decision to join ESEI was influenced by more than just the allure of Barcelona. Our institution’s flexible scheduling options were a significant draw, offering evening slots that freed up Shahbaz’s days for exploration and work. This flexibility was not just a matter of convenience but a strategic choice that enabled him to balance his studies with internships and job opportunities, enriching his educational experience with real-world business exposure.

Moreover, ESEI’s fee structure presented an accessible pathway to quality education, further sweetened by a substantial discount awarded for Shahbaz’s academic excellence. But perhaps most compelling was the promise of dual certification upon completion of the programme, a testament to the comprehensive nature of the education offered by ESEI.

Memorable Experience in Barcelona

Shahbaz Latif’s time at ESEI was characterized by more than academic rigor; it was a period of significant personal and professional growth amidst a diverse and international student body. The friendships and connections formed during this time spanned continents, including individuals from Turkey, Italy, the US, Australia, Switzerland, and Greece, among others.

These relationships, built on shared experiences and mutual aspirations, have persisted beyond the confines of the classroom, reflecting the deeply impactful nature of ESEI’s multicultural environment.

The faculty at ESEI further enriched this experience, offering guidance, support, and a responsive approach to education that addressed the needs and challenges faced by students.

The practical orientation of the coursework, emphasizing real-world application over theoretical knowledge, prepared Shahbaz Latif and his peers for the complexities of the business world. Opportunities to engage directly with companies and industry representatives provided valuable insights and led to internships that were pivotal in translating academic learning into professional success.

The Road to a PhD for Shahbaz latif

Shahbaz Latif’s academic journey took a pivotal turn as he set his sights on pursuing a PhD, a decision marked by ambition, resilience, and a clear vision for his future. This next chapter in his educational odyssey was both a testament to his academic prowess and a response to unforeseen challenges that reshaped his path.

Motivation Behind Pursuing a PhD

The impetus for Shahbaz’s pursuit of a doctoral degree stemmed from a blend of disrupted plans and a deep-seated desire for academic advancement. The onset of COVID-19 presented unforeseen hurdles, curtailing his initial intentions to remain in Spain for further education. This period of global uncertainty, however, did not dampen his aspirations but rather fueled his determination to achieve higher academic and professional goals. After returning to his home country and gaining three years of practical experience, Shahbaz’s ambition to contribute to academic knowledge and research was reignited, prompting him to explore opportunities for a PhD.

Choosing Paris-Saclay for a PhD

The journey to securing a position at Paris-Saclay was characterized by rigorous competition and the necessity of a meticulously prepared research proposal. Shahbaz’s choice of Paris-Saclay was influenced not just by the university’s esteemed global ranking but also by the intellectual rigor and competitive environment it promised. The application process, involving the submission of 28 proposals from around the world for a single vacancy, was daunting. Yet, Shahbaz’s dedication to refining his research proposal, coupled with his commitment to addressing global issues, ultimately distinguished his application. This strenuous effort, culminating in a fully funded scholarship, underscored the importance of clarity, precision, and relevance in academic research proposals.

Lessons Learned and Advice for Aspiring PhD Students

Shahbaz Latif’s journey from ESEI to Paris-Saclay is rich with insights and lessons for students aspiring to embark on their PhD journeys.

One of the most crucial lessons from Shahbaz’s experience is the significance of early engagement with one’s chosen research topic. The early exploration of themes and issues not only facilitates a deeper understanding but also positions aspiring PhD candidates to refine their research questions and objectives effectively. Additionally, Shahbaz’s journey highlights the importance of maintaining a global perspective, understanding the relevance of one’s research within a broader context, and ensuring the validation of one’s academic credentials on a global scale.

Shahbaz Latif’s Advice to ESEI Students

For ESEI students contemplating a PhD, Shahbaz Latif emphasizes the importance of proactively engaging with global challenges and refining research topics from an early stage. This approach not only enriches one’s academic experience but also enhances the quality and impact of future research endeavors. He encourages students to view their time at ESEI as a foundational period for academic exploration, urging them to leverage the diverse, multicultural environment to gain insights that transcend geographical and disciplinary boundaries.

Shahbaz Latif’s Legacy and Inspiration

Shahbaz Latif’s educational journey—from his transformative experiences at ESEI to his ambitious pursuit of a PhD at Paris-Saclay—serves as a source of inspiration for students worldwide. His story is a vivid illustration of how resilience, strategic planning, and a commitment to academic excellence can pave the way to remarkable achievements. Shahbaz’s legacy is not just in the accolades he has earned but in the example he sets for future generations of students: that with determination, a global mindset, and a dedication to research, the journey from a master’s degree to a PhD can lead to profound personal and professional growth.

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