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Project Based Learning

We believe in Practical Business Education!

At ESEI, we believe that learning shouldn’t be a solitary experience. We believe in the power of working with others to solve real-world challenges.

That’s why we make it a priority to help you learn through Project-Based Learning (PBL). PBL is an approach to learning that enables you to work with others on projects that are meaningful to you and your career goals.

You work in groups with other students to solve real-life business challenges—projects that require creativity, collaboration, communication, negotiation, and problem solving skills. 

These skills are just like those required in the workplace!

We encourage professors to plan activities outside of the classroom so you can practice these skills in class with other students and help local companies to solve real-life business problems.

If you’re looking to gain the practical experience you need to succeed in the real world, then our PBL approach is the answer! Our courses are designed to give you the tools and skills you need to be successful in your career—and we’ll do it in a way that’s fun, engaging, and immersive.

PBL is a great way to learn!

It's a hands-on approach to learning that lets you get involved in the process of solving real-world problems.

01 Benefits of Real world Collaboration

Benefits of Real-world Collaboration

PBL adds a lot of value, meaning, engagement and fun to your learning experience. By the time you graduate from ESEI, you will essentially have a portfolio of work, valuable connections and business opportunities to help you in your career growth.

Faculty as Learning Facilitators

ESEI faculty are facilitators of learning. They are here to guide you through your learning process and help you achieve your goals. They create the project briefs and oversee the progress that teams are making week after week, with regular check-in points.

02 Faculty as Learning Facilitators
Project based learning

Project Based Learning in Action!

ESEI students have worked on projects with businesses, acted as consultants in key strategic areas and proposed solutions that have been welcomed and implemented by companies in different sectors. Check out some of the projects below.

A practical approach to learning!

With PBL, you'll be able to solve problems in ways that are more practical, relevant, and meaningful than traditional classroom learning.

02 Majestic
Hotel Majestic, Barcelona-Spain
In the Professional Communication and Development module, ESEI students developed onboarding activities that would be implemented by the HR team of Majestic Hotel. These activities were designed to help new employees adapt to the company culture and increase their productivity.
Hilton Hotel PBL
Hilton Hotel, Barcelona-Spain
In the Innovation in Hospitality class, students engaged in a hands-on learning approach by developing a project specifically tailored for Hilton Hotel in Barcelona. Through this practical experience, students gained valuable insights into the hospitality industry while collaborating directly with professionals from Hilton, fostering real-world problem-solving skills.
01 Marco abella
Marco Abella Winery, Barcelona-Spain
ESEI students worked on developing a digital brand strategy for the Marco Abella Winery. Students were able to apply their knowledge of Branding and Storytelling through Content to help Marco Abella Winery develop its online presence and increase engagement with customers.
Markstrat Software, Barcelona Spain
Markstrat is a marketing simulation software that offers a risk-free platform to test strategic theories and make decisions. During 7 weeks teams were making 10 strategic decisions during which students covered the product life cycle process, the marketing mix part, the distribution channel and the pricing strategies.
Slik Pro Platform PBL
Slik Pro, Barcelona-Spain
Through project-based learning, students undertook the task of developing a comprehensive strategy for the Slik platform, aimed at attracting and engaging top talent. By immersing themselves in this practical experience, students honed their skills in talent acquisition and innovative approaches to fostering engagement, empowering them to tackle real-world challenges.
Lagertha PBL
Lagertha, Barcelona-Spain
In this immersive learning experience, students gained practical knowledge and valuable insights into CRM and data-driven strategies while collaborating closely with Lagertha's team. They embraced the challenge of creating a project for the company in the CRM and Data class, putting their skills to the test.
03 Impossible foods
Impossible Foods, California-USA
ESEI students worked on a project to introduce Impossible Foods to the Spanish market. They pitched their ideas to Henry Woodward-Fisher, IF's International Launch Manager, and offered useful insights. This project was part of the capstone project of the International MBA students
Tom Wheeler
Football 360, Barcelona-Spain
Digital Marketing students had a tremendous opportunity to enhance their marketing skills through a real-world case study in project-based learning. They were tasked with creating a social media marketing strategy for Tom Wheeler, an ESEI alumi who recently started his own company.
PBL Decathlon
Decathlon, Barcelona-Spain
In the Sports Marketing module, students were exposed to a real-life scenario of building a marketing strategy for the sports gear mega brand Decathlon. The students' proposal yielded impressive results, showcasing their ability to develop an effective marketing plan for a large company like Decathlon.

Project Based Learning | Slik Pro Business Project

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