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Empowering Sustainable Initiatives:
Our Commitment to a Greener Future

Planting Trees For A Sustainable Future

At ESEI International Business School, our commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond traditional education. We are proud to have established a purposeful partnership with Tree Nation, focusing specifically on their tree planting initiative. This collaboration empowers us to actively contribute to reforestation efforts and aligns perfectly with our dedication to environmental stewardship and making a positive Social Impact in regions where trees are planted.

In addition to our partnership, we have a special tradition that sets us apart. For every student who graduates from ESEI, we plant a tree. This symbolic gesture not only represents the growth and transformation of our students but also reflects our belief in the power of education and its potential to contribute to a greener future. By intertwining education and tree planting, we aim to instill in our graduates a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment and inspire them to become agents of positive change.

Together with Tree Nation, we aim to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the environment. By planting trees, we contribute to reforestation efforts, climate change mitigation, and biodiversity conservation. Each tree we plant is a symbol of hope and a small step towards a greener world. Through our collective efforts, we inspire others to join us in the quest for a more sustainable future.

Our Environmental Impact Through Tree Nation

empowering sustainable initiatives

562 Trees Total Planted

Our tree-planting endeavors have resulted in an impressive 562 trees! The Cocoa Farmer Agroforestry program in Cameroon has flourished, accounting for 34% of the trees. In Senegal, the Forest Garden Program has thrived, planting 191 trees (33%). Madagascar has experienced enrichment through 185 trees (10%) planted by the Eden Reforestation Projects. Tanzania has also benefited, with 115 trees (19%) planted across the Usambara Biodiversity Conservation and Plant to Stop Poverty initiatives. Additionally, Nepal and Guinea have joined the green movement, contributing 53 trees (2%) and 10 trees (1%) respectively


0.53 Hectares Total Reforested

Our reforestation efforts have yielded remarkable results, restoring 0.53 hectares of land. Cameroon (36%) and Senegal (35%) emerged as the frontrunners, followed by Tanzania, Madagascar, Guinea, and Nepal. Together, we’re making a substantial impact in preserving our planet. By planting trees and promoting agroforestry, we’re fostering biodiversity, mitigating deforestation, and creating a more sustainable future. Our Cocoa Farmer Agroforestry program and Forest Garden Program have brought significant change, while initiatives like Usambara Biodiversity Conservation, Eden Reforestation Projects, and Community Forest Sowing have also contributed to our success. 

empowering sustainable initiatives
empowering sustainable initiatives

145.64 Tonnes Total CO2 Captured

In our mission to combat climate change, we have achieved a significant milestone by capturing a total of 145.64 tonnes of CO2. The Cocoa Farmer Agroforestry program in Cameroon has led the way, accounting for an impressive 70% of our achievement, capturing 101.45 tonnes of CO2. Senegal’s Forest Garden Program also played a crucial role, contributing 13% of the total (19.18 tonnes of CO2). Tanzania, Madagascar, Nepal, and Guinea have each made notable contributions to reducing carbon emissions.

ESEI Empowering Sustainable Initiatives

ESEI Business School proudly partners with Tree Nation to drive impactful sustainable initiatives, shaping a brighter tomorrow. Our shared motivation lies in nurturing a greener future through collaborative efforts.

Together, we’re dedicated to planting the seeds of positive change today, ensuring a flourishing world for generations to come. By combining education and environmental consciousness, we empower individuals to make conscious choices, transforming the landscape of industries.

This synergy propels us to cultivate a world where sustainable practices are at the forefront, echoing our commitment to fostering responsible leadership and a harmonious planet for the world of tomorrow.

At ESEI Business School, sustainability is woven into our community’s DNA. As a pioneering educational leader, we instill the principles of sustainability within our comprehensive IMBA program. Explore sustainability at a deeper level through our dedicated module. Learn more here!

Our commitment extends beyond theory — we empower students with practical skills to drive sustainability in businesses and personal lives. By fostering a holistic understanding, our students graduate equipped to enact meaningful change.

From classroom to boardroom, our community embraces sustainability, ensuring its integration into every facet of the professional landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

ESEI Business School has formed a collaboration with Tree Nation to drive sustainable initiatives. This partnership focuses on integrating environmental consciousness into education and nurturing a greener future.

ESEI Business School aims to empower sustainable initiatives by incorporating environmental principles into their curriculum. They provide students with practical skills to implement sustainability in both business settings and personal lives.

ree Nation, in collaboration with ESEI Business School, likely brings its expertise in environmental conservation, providing insights, resources, and possibly tree-planting initiatives to contribute to the sustainability goals of the partnership.

Students benefit from a comprehensive understanding of sustainability principles and practical skills. They learn to implement sustainable practices in various contexts, enhancing their ability to make a positive impact in both professional and personal spheres.

This collaboration aligns with ESEI Business School's commitment to fostering responsible leadership and sustainable practices. By partnering with Tree Nation, they reinforce their dedication to shaping future leaders who champion environmental responsibility.

The Sustainability Course at ESEI Business School is a specialized program designed to provide students with a deep understanding of sustainability principles, practices, and their applications in various sectors.

The course equips students with practical skills to analyze and implement sustainable practices in real-world scenarios. It also helps them develop a holistic perspective on the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability.

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