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ESEI Career Services

Unlocking Your Professional Potential: ESEI’s Career Services and Beyond

ESEI Career Services

The ESEI International Business School Barcelona is your destination for education and opportunity. We at ESEI think that education should extend beyond the classroom.

Our dedication extends to ensuring that our students receive top-notch instruction and training and enter the working world ready to succeed.

Join us as we explore our extensive career services, internships, job fairs, and workshops created to provide students with connections and real-world experience.

Your journey with ESEI is about more than just learning; it’s about achieving a successful career. Let’s investigate how we might close the achievement gap in education.

Importance of Career Services For Professional Growth

Your path to a successful career is our primary priority at ESEI International Business School Barcelona. Our devoted Career Service team is committed to giving you the necessary skills and information to help you succeed professionally. We support you as you leave our classrooms and enter the real world by providing many resources to assist you in finding great opportunities that let you put what you have learned in class into practice.

Employability is crucial. Thus, we give our students free access to our extensive career services since we understand its importance. We’re here to help you reach new heights of success in your chosen industry, from polishing your resume to mastering interview skills and creating an excellent portfolio.

The successes of our students are evidence of the life-changing support they have received from us. Join us at ESEI, where your goals and our knowledge combine to create a future filled with success.

ESEI Is With You Every Step of The Way

Imagine this: At ESEI International Business School Barcelona, you’re about to start a journey of development and transformation. As you begin your new academic intake, we are thrilled to bring you to our cornerstone event, the Career Workshop.

This engaging training provides priceless insights as a compass as you navigate the business world. We can help you with everything from understanding the subtleties of personal branding to perfecting the skill of networking with influential people in your field. The job Workshop serves as your guide for navigating this symbiotic path because, in our opinion, every aspect of your ESEI experience contributes to your readiness for a job.

This hands-on course, led by seasoned professionals and career specialists, provides more than information:

‘It’s a chance to sharpen your approach and get an advantage in the job market.’

We know that developing a successful career involves a smart combination of contacts, talents, carefully honed personal brand, and academic brilliance.

So, come ahead of the curve with us in career growth. Together, let’s get off on this thrilling journey, making sure that each step you take at ESEI brings you one step closer to your ideal profession. The ESEI Career Workshop is more than just a gathering; it’s your entryway to realizing your potential in the workplace.

Career Growth Avenues For Students To Avail At ESEI

Want to live in a place with a wealth of opportunities? Look no further than Barcelona, a dynamic hub of business opportunities that calls to the aspirational. ESEI International Business School Barcelona is your steadfast ally as you begin this new chapter and is committed to ensuring your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Barcelona is a vibrant city with a variety of sectors that are just waiting to be discovered. The city is a playground of opportunities, with over 25,000 international job postings advertised on LinkedIn every day. The range of positions reflects the city’s unique appeal, from consumer interaction experts to pioneers in the hospitality industry to strategic advisors.

Are you interested in the business aspect of things? The data speaks for itself. According to Salary Explorer, the average monthly wage for professionals in Barcelona as of 2021 was roughly 3,130 euros. Experience also pays off in this situation; professionals with over five years of experience often earn 36% more than less experienced peers.

However, ESEI cares about your experience beyond the numbers. We care about your overall development, not just your education. Our support system includes your well-being, professional development, and academic excellence. ESEI ensures you’re not just ready for success but primed to thrive. This includes improving your résumé, networking with industry titans, and immersing yourself in Barcelona’s rich cultural heritage.

ESEI is your firm leader, guiding you toward success in a city where every corner bursts with opportunity as you enter Barcelona’s enticing embrace.

Internships At ESEI

Are you seeking to develop the abilities necessary to succeed professionally while gaining experience working abroad? 

In that case, Barcelona is the best place to look for an internship. You can locate an internship in the city that suits you because many are available in many fields!

We at ESEI try to put you in touch with companies in Barcelona looking for foreign workers. New internship opportunities will be posted on our online platform, but you should also check out some of the various networking opportunities offered by ESEI. Making contacts and opening up opportunities is everything!

Our Career Services team keeps in touch with businesses and HR organizations and offers the most recent internship opportunities.

Career & Coaching Development Programme

After graduating, are you prepared to enter the workforce?

For students who need step-by-step support in navigating their professional development, we also provide a premium Career and Coaching Development Programme. 

Our premium program aims to find you the ideal position for YOU, not merely to find you a job. We collaborate with you to determine the type of workplace and culture most beneficial for your professional growth. When we’re done assisting you in finding a job, it should be something that will make you eager to start work every day!

Secure Your Place For The ESEI Career Service/Fair on November 7th, 2023!

It would help if you put November 7th, 2023, on your calendars since it has the potential to influence your future. The ESEI International Business School Barcelona career fair is more than just a gathering; it’s a doorway to unrivaled prospects.

This is your chance to network with business titans, explore a variety of career choices, and obtain knowledge that can help you on your journey, whether you’re a potential business student or an aspirant leader.

The Career Fair is evidence of our dedication at ESEI to developing the leaders of tomorrow. Join us on this historic day to step toward a prosperous future. Your bright tomorrow starts right now!


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