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The International MBA at ESEI: Your Gateway to Global Leadership

The International MBA at ESEI: Your Gateway to Global Leadership

ESEI’s International MBA, already renowned as the Best MBA in Europe, presents a myriad of distinctive features and course modules that set it apart from the rest. Our International MBA ranked number 7 by Forbes in 2023 as “The Best Business School Programmes in 2023”! Now you may be wondering what makes ESEI’s International MBA worth the investment? In this blog we focus on the aspects that make ESEI’s International MBA valuable and beneficial to your academic endeavors!

Key Features of ESEI’s International MBA:

1. Customizable Curriculum to Match Your Aspirations

At ESEI, we understand that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not work for ambitious business professionals. That’s why our International MBA allows you to design your programme to resonate with your distinct career objectives.

  • Specializations: Choosing an International MBA at ESEI allows you to specialize in 7 different majors.
    • Digital Marketing
    • Business Management
    • Marketing and Communication
    • Tourism and Hospitality Management
    • International Relations and International Business
    • Sports Management
    • Digital Transformation in Business
  • Elective Modules: Choose from an extensive selection of over 40 courses, ensuring you acquire skills most pertinent to your professional aspirations. Whether you desire to delve deeper into your specialization or explore a new domain altogether, our curriculum grants you the flexibility to do so. What’s more, with our ever-evolving course offerings, you can be assured of staying abreast of the latest in the business world.

2. Sustainability in Business Workshops: Crafting a Greener Tomorrow

Sustainable business isn’t merely a trend; it’s the future. Our Sustainability in Business workshops instill in you the passion and knowledge to helm organizations that create profound societal and ecological impacts.

  • Project-Based Learning: Partner with renowned organizations like Tree Nation and BCorp to work on real-world sustainability projects. Some of our collaborative efforts include:
    • Tree planting drives in alliance with Tree Nation.
    • Initiatives to recycle plastic, paper, and glass.
    • Creation of sustainable product merchandising.
    • Plastic reduction in major events.
    • Incorporation of LED lighting in infrastructural facilities.

3. Agile Workshops: Reimagining Organizational Efficiency

Agile isn’t limited to software development. It’s a transformative methodology that reshapes how businesses operate, emphasizing communication, collaboration, and results-driven accountability.

  • Mastering Agile: In our in-depth workshops, we unravel the essence of Agile. You’ll learn to:
    • Build potent cross-functional teams.
    • Prioritize tasks with precision.
    • Manage intricate projects, ensuring you always remain focused on the bigger picture: delivering impeccable results.

On successfully finishing this course, students are awarded the esteemed Certification ICP – MKG from ICAgile, testifying to their prowess in Agile methodologies.

4. Capstone Project

With the Capstone Project, you’re not just learning how to solve problems and think critically. You’re also learning how to apply those skills in real-world settings.

The capstone project is a multi-faceted assignment that replaces the Master’s thesis and serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience. As part of your assessment, you will be encouraged to think critically, solve challenging problems, and develop skills to prepare you for contemporary business.

5. Career Coaching

In today’s digital age, your personal brand speaks volumes before you even utter a word. It’s your silent ambassador in the competitive job landscape. Our seasoned coaches delve deep into understanding your strengths, passions, and unique selling propositions, ensuring you create a compelling and authentic personal brand that sets you apart from the crowd.

Every professional journey has its share of bumps and turns. Whether it’s dealing with workplace dynamics, understanding how to position oneself in the job market, or deciding when to make a strategic career pivot, our coaches are there to guide you. With their vast experience, they offer actionable advice to help you tackle these common challenges with finesse and confidence.


With a blend of traditional MBA teachings and cutting-edge modules like Sustainability and Agile, ESEI’s International MBA is a beacon for those aspiring to redefine global business leadership. When you choose ESEI, you’re not just enrolling for an MBA; you’re embarking on a transformative journey, tailored to your aspirations, ensuring you emerge as a visionary leader. Join us and sculpt the future of business.

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