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Embracing Tomorrow Today: A Tale of Inspiration and Aspiration at TEDxESEI School Barcelona

Embracing Tomorrow

On October 26th, 2023, a remarkable journey unfolded at the ESEI International Business School in Barcelona. The TEDxESEI event, under the banner “Embracing Tomorrow,” transformed the campus into a crucible of ideas and inspiration. Each narrative shared was a potential catalyst for the next wave of master’s program students, eager to chart their courses in business and innovation.

Unveiling the Journey: TEDxESEI School Barcelona

Olga Andrienko: Navigating the Seas of Change

“There is No Dream Job: How Embracing Uncertainty Fuels Growth”

Olga took the audience on a voyage through her career at Semrush, illustrating how she navigated through the unpredictable waters of the marketing world. Her message wasn’t just about career growth and embracing the waves of change and uncertainty. This resonates deeply with ESEI’s master’s programs, which prepare students to thrive in dynamic business environments.

Olga Andrienko

Dr. Elena Emma: The Pulse of Empathetic Leadership

“Manage Like A Human: Short Guide to Business Anatomy”

Dr. Emma’s presentation was a masterclass in empathy, proposing a business world where leaders are as compassionate as competent. Her biomimicry-inspired approach to organizational structures paralleled ESEI’s commitment to developing leaders who value emotional intelligence as much as business acumen.

Elena Emma

Ronen Lamdan: Charting a Course with AI

“AI: Not the Hero, Not the Villain, But the Wingman We Need”

Ronen demystified the role of AI in modern business, portraying it as a vital ally rather than a daunting challenge. He illustrated how AI could be harnessed to amplify human potential, a philosophy at the heart of ESEI’s tech-centric master’s courses.

ronen lamdan

Ole Thijs Kramer: From Classroom to Circular Economy

Ole’s journey is a testament to the practical application of ESEI’s education. He highlighted how his academic foundation in international business and sustainability at ESEI was instrumental in launching Neworn. His story is a powerful example for prospective students about how ESEI’s master’s programs can be the launchpad for entrepreneurial success and societal impact.

Ole Thijs kramer

Mehdi Choolaei: Engineering a Greener Tomorrow

“Making Complex Simple and Simple Interesting”

Mehdi illustrated the intricate dance of innovation and simplification in developing next-gen fuel cell technology. He showcased how complex scientific principles could be translated into impactful environmental solutions, mirroring the analytical and problem-solving skills that ESEI’s master’s programs cultivate.

Mehdi Choolaei

Harry Waters: The Symphony of Climate Advocacy

“Embracing Big Climate Emotions to Empower Change”

Harry’s narrative was a blend of personal passion and global responsibility. He demonstrated how education could be a powerful tool in climate advocacy, a sentiment that aligns with ESEI’s focus on sustainability and social responsibility in business education.

Harry Waters

Marina Kuperman Villatoro: Igniting Young Minds

“Open Minds, Changed Worlds: The Power of Supporting a Child”

Marina Kuperman Villatoro, with her extensive background as an entrepreneur, podcaster, and educator, brought a unique perspective to the TEDxESEI stage. Her presentation centered on the transformative power of nurturing entrepreneurial spirit in children. She shared her journey of integrating social justice with entrepreneurial education, highlighting her innovative approach to teaching an ‘Entrepreneurship for Kids’ course. Her experience as a TEDx organizer, especially one focusing on youth in an unconventional outdoor setting, was not just inspiring but also a vivid example of how young minds, when given the right support and guidance, can conceive world-altering ideas.

Marina Kuperman Villatoro


The Architect of Words: Martina Guzmán

Martina Guzmán, as the Speech Coach, was instrumental in honing the speakers’ messages, ensuring that each story resonated deeply with the audience, much like how ESEI mentors guide their students.

Martina Guzman

Sponsors: The Pillars of Support

The TEDxESEI School Barcelona event, “Embracing Tomorrow,” was not only a triumph of ideas and inspiration but also a testament to the power of collaboration and community support. We extend our deepest gratitude to our esteemed sponsors, whose generosity and commitment played an integral role in bringing this transformative experience to life.

Seeds Experience: A beacon of innovation and forward-thinking, Seeds Experience provided not only financial support but also shared their expertise in creating engaging experiences. Their involvement was pivotal in ensuring that every moment of the event was memorable and impactful.

Mahou Rose: Mahou Rose, known for its exquisite brews, added a touch of elegance and refreshment to the event. Their contribution went beyond just sponsorship; they created an ambiance that facilitated networking and conversations, making the event more than just a series of talks but a holistic experience.

CleanCarb: As a champion of sustainability, CleanCarb’s presence at the event was a natural fit. Their commitment to environmental innovation mirrored the ethos of TEDxESEI, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices in business and beyond.

These sponsors, each leaders in their respective fields, were not just funders but partners in the journey of “Embracing Tomorrow.” Their belief in the power of ideas and education aligns perfectly with ESEI’s mission of nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators.

The Masters Behind the Scenes: TEDxESEI Team

Carlota Estera, Lead Organizer: The architect of the event, Carlota’s leadership and vision were instrumental in bringing the day to life.

Jordi Estera, Sponsorship Manager: Jordi played a crucial role in securing the support that made this event possible.

Simisola Okoya, Event Manager: Simisola’s organizational prowess ensured a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees.

Rima Mamdouh, Executive Producer: Rima’s expertise brought the event’s visual and thematic elements together.

Julia Im, Lead Curator: Julia’s curatorial skills were key in selecting a range of diverse and impactful speakers.

Amin Hammadi, Website Manager: Amin ensured that the digital footprint of the event was as impactful as the event itself.

David Ruiz Juanola, Video, and Production Lead: David’s keen eye for production details captured the essence of the event for posterity.

The TEDxESEI School Barcelona event was more than a convergence of ideas; it was a beacon for aspiring leaders and innovators. Each story and each insight shared is a glimpse into the transformative journey that awaits in ESEI’s master’s programmes.


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    How did Ole Thijs Kramer emphasize the role of his academic foundation in international business and sustainability from ESEI in the establishment and success of Neworn in the circular economy? regard Telkom University

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