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Ariel Castillo

Ariel Castillo


Ariel Castillo | ESEI Faculty 2024

Ariel Castillo stands out as a leader in the field of business training and education, with a distinguished career as the director of Castelheart SL. With over 18 years of experience, his company has been at the forefront of delivering in-company business training across Spain, demonstrating a profound commitment to enhancing the skills and competencies of professionals in various industries. Ariel’s academic credentials, including a PhD from Cardiff Metropolitan University, an MBA from ESERP Business and Law School, and a Bachelor in Hotel and Tourism Management from Escuela de Turismo y Hotelería de Córdoba, Argentina, underscore his expertise and dedication to lifelong learning.

Current Position

As the director of Castelheart SL, Ariel Castillo leverages his extensive experience and academic background to provide top-notch business training services. His leadership has guided the company to become a respected name in professional development, catering to the diverse needs of businesses throughout Spain.

Core Expertise of Ariel Castillo

Ariel’s core expertise lies in developing and implementing comprehensive business training programs designed to meet the evolving needs of professionals and organizations. His multifaceted educational background, spanning hotel and tourism management to business administration and law, equips him with a unique perspective on leadership, management, and operational excellence. His PhD research adds a layer of depth to his understanding of business theory and practice, further enhancing his ability to deliver impactful training.

Teaching Specialities of Ariel Castillo

In his teaching role, Ariel specializes in courses that integrate practical business insights with theoretical knowledge. His areas of focus include leadership development, strategic management, tourism and hospitality management, and the application of research methodologies in business. Ariel’s approach to education is characterized by a commitment to real-world applicability, ensuring that students gain skills and knowledge that are directly transferable to their professional lives.

Impact on Students

Ariel Castillo’s impact on students is marked by his ability to bridge the gap between academic theory and business reality. Through his comprehensive training programs and engaging teaching style, he inspires students to pursue excellence in their careers and to approach professional challenges with strategic thinking and innovative solutions. Ariel’s dedication to fostering a learning environment that is both informative and transformative prepares students to lead and succeed in a competitive global marketplace.

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