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Xavier Jou

Xavier Jou

International Sales / Marketing Expert & Professor

Xavier Jou | ESEI Faculty 2024

Xavier Jou is a distinguished academic and professional with a deep-rooted passion for international trade, business marketing, and the historical dynamics of business. His extensive educational background includes degrees in International Trade and International Business and Marketing from ESCI-UPF, Master’s degrees in International Business Management from ICEX-CECO, and Economic History from UB-UAB-UZ, alongside certification in Retail Management from FIT NYC. Currently, Xavier is advancing his academic pursuits with a PhD in Business History, focusing on value creation, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Professional Background

Xavier’s professional journey is marked by a successful international sales and marketing career in the furniture industry, boasting 15 years of experience across various global regions. Initially based in the USA and subsequently operating from Barcelona, Xavier has conducted business in over 70 countries, showcasing his exceptional ability to navigate diverse market landscapes and cultivate significant international relationships.

Core Expertise of Xavier Jou

With a comprehensive blend of academic knowledge and practical experience, Xavier’s expertise spans across sales management, international business, and cross-cultural management. His research interests in the creation of value, innovation, and entrepreneurship within the context of Business History further enrich his teaching, providing students with a multifaceted understanding of global business dynamics.

Teaching Specialties

As a lecturer at ESCI-UPF and ESEI International Business School of Barcelona, Xavier specializes in courses related to sales management, international business, and cross-cultural management. His approach to teaching is deeply informed by his international experience and academic pursuits, offering students insightful perspectives on navigating the complexities of global markets and understanding the cultural nuances that impact international business operations.

Impact on Students

Xavier Jou’s impact on his students extends beyond traditional business education. By integrating his rich professional background with his academic research, Xavier inspires students to explore the interconnectedness of history, innovation, and entrepreneurship in shaping global business practices. His commitment to fostering a deep understanding of cross-cultural management and international business strategies equips students with the necessary skills to excel in a diverse and rapidly evolving business environment.

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