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Aarthi Rajaraman

Aarthi Rajaraman

Freelance Co-Producer, 60 Minutes @ CBS News

Aarthi Rajaraman | ESEI Faculty 2024

Aarthi Rajaraman is an accomplished Freelance Producer and a revered professor in Sports Media and Marketing, bringing over two decades of extensive experience in the media industry to her roles. With a distinguished career that spans working with iconic brands such as HBO, Vanity Fair, ESPN, Tennis Channel, and CNN, Aarthi has solidified her reputation as a leading expert in sports media and marketing.

Professional Background

Aarthi Rajaraman’s journey in the media sector is marked by her contributions to some of the most respected and well-known media outlets and sports channels globally. Her work encompasses a broad spectrum of roles, from content production to strategic marketing initiatives, highlighting her versatility and depth of knowledge in the field.

Core Expertise of Aarthi Rajaraman

With specialized expertise in sports media and marketing, Aarthi Rajaraman excels in creating compelling content and marketing strategies that resonate with diverse audiences. Her extensive experience working with leading sports and media brands has endowed her with a unique insight into the dynamics of sports broadcasting, digital marketing, and brand development in the sports industry.

Teaching Specialties of Aarthi Rajaraman

As a professor, Aarthi Rajaraman is dedicated to imparting her knowledge and experience in Sports Media and Marketing to students. Her courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the sports media landscape, including the intricacies of content production, digital marketing trends, and strategic brand management within the sports domain. Aarthi’s teaching methodology emphasizes practical application and critical thinking, preparing students to navigate the competitive world of sports media and marketing successfully.

Impact on Students

Aarthi Rajaraman’s impact on her students is significant, inspiring them to pursue excellence and innovation in the field of sports media and marketing. Through her guidance, students gain a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in sports broadcasting and digital marketing, equipped with the skills and confidence to excel in their future careers. Aarthi’s passion for sports media and her commitment to education motivate students to explore new ideas and embrace the rapidly evolving landscape of sports marketing.

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