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Pol busquets Mas

Pol Busquets Mas

Lawyer at FILS Legal

Pol Busquets Mas | ESEI Faculty 2024

Pol Busquets Mas is a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer at FILS Legal, specializing in the intricacies of sports law, tax law, and international legal studies. With an impressive educational background that includes a Master of Laws in Sports Management & Legal Skills from ISDE in collaboration with FC Barcelona, and further specialization in the Fiscalidad of Sport and Entertainment from CEF Centro de Estudios Financieros, Pol stands out as a legal expert in the sports and entertainment industries.

His commitment to continuous learning is also evidenced by his Master in Derecho Tributario from ESNECA Business School and his Master de Acceso a la Abogacía from ISDE, alongside his Grado en Derecho with a focus on international law from Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (U.N.E.D.).

Professional Background

At FILS Legal, Pol applies his comprehensive legal knowledge and skills to navigate the complex landscapes of sports law and tax law. His deep understanding of legal frameworks and his ability to apply this knowledge in practical contexts make him a valuable asset to clients in the sports and entertainment sectors.

Core Expertise of Pol Busquets Mas

Pol’s expertise encompasses sports management, legal skills within the sports industry, tax law, and international legal studies. Pol Busquets Mas proficiency in these areas is built upon a solid foundation of academic achievement and practical experience, enabling him to offer nuanced and strategic legal advice.

Teaching Specialties of Pol Busquets Mas

While Pol Busquets Mas’s primary role is that of a practicing lawyer, his academic accomplishments and specialized knowledge position him as an expert in sports law, tax law related to sports and entertainment, and international legal studies. His educational journey is a testament to his dedication to his field and his potential contribution to academic discussions and teachings in these specialized areas.

Impact on Students

Pol Busquets Mas’s background and professional accomplishments serve as an inspiration to students interested in pursuing careers in law, particularly within the sports, entertainment, and tax law sectors. His commitment to education and professional development, combined with his practical experience in a reputable legal firm, provide a powerful model for aspiring lawyers. Pol’s journey illustrates the importance of specialized knowledge and continuous learning in achieving professional excellence and impact in the legal profession.

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