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Gloria Queralt

Gloria Queralt

Business Expert and Professor

Gloria Queralt | ESEI Faculty 2024

Gloria Queralt is an accomplished marketing professional and educator, with a rich background in International Business from Montpellier University, France, and a Master in Marketing of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) from UPM. Gloria’s extensive experience in the marketing sector, particularly within the editorial industry, showcases her adeptness in developing product concepts and steering them through to their successful launch, including all facets of communication strategy. Her versatility is further demonstrated by her significant contributions to diverse sectors, such as education with EF (Education First) and the health and fitness industry with Holmes Place, where she tailored distinct communication strategies to meet sector-specific needs.

Current Position

Gloria Queralt is currently enriching the academic world as a lecturer at various international business schools, where she shares her vast knowledge and passion for marketing with her students. In addition to her teaching roles, Gloria continues to influence the field of marketing through her consultancy work, guiding businesses in developing effective marketing strategies that resonate with their target audiences.

Core Expertise of Gloria Queralt

Gloria’s core expertise lies in her comprehensive approach to marketing, from the ideation phase of product development through to the execution of sophisticated communication strategies. Her experience spans a wide range of sectors, allowing her to offer a unique perspective on marketing that is both broad and deeply informed by practical experience. Her ability to adapt marketing strategies to suit different industries is a testament to her skill and creativity in the field.

Teaching Specialties of Gloria Queralt

In her role as an educator, Gloria specializes in courses related to International Business and Marketing, with a particular focus on FMCG marketing strategies. Her teaching is characterized by an emphasis on real-world applications of marketing theories and concepts, ensuring that students gain a practical understanding of how to navigate the complexities of the marketing landscape. Gloria’s passion for marketing and her commitment to sharing her expertise make her classes engaging and informative, providing students with the tools they need to succeed in their marketing careers.

Impact on Students

Gloria Queralt’s impact on her students is marked by her ability to inspire and motivate them to explore the depth and breadth of marketing with enthusiasm and creativity. By transmitting her knowledge and passion for the field, Gloria not only educates but also empowers students to think innovatively and strategically about marketing challenges. Her practical insights and real-world experiences enrich the learning experience, preparing students to excel in the dynamic world of marketing.

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