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Martina Guzman

Martina Guzman

Entrepreneur and Pitch Coach at Best3Minutes

Martina Guzman | ESEI Faculty 2024

Martina Guzman is a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur and certified pitch coach, specializing in empowering startups, women entrepreneurs, and professionals to unlock new business opportunities and secure resources and investments for their projects. With over 10 years of experience in the digital startup ecosystem and a passionate advocate for female empowerment, Martina leverages her extensive expertise to guide her clients through pitch training, business strategy design, and personalized coaching.

Professional Background

Martina Guzman’s entrepreneurial journey includes the founding of three startups and five years dedicated to assisting women entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas into successful online businesses. Her collaborations span a diverse range of clients, including Swiss EP, FoodieCycling, and the University of Barcelona, reflecting her ability to adapt and provide value across various sectors. Martina’s certifications as a Pitch Coach and Master Trainer in the Best3minutes Methodology, coupled with her facilitator certification in the Lombard Method by Imagine Creativity Center, showcase her commitment to professional development and excellence.

Core Expertise of Martina Guzman

Martina Guzman’s expertise encompasses entrepreneurship, pitch strategy, female empowerment, diversity and inclusiveness, social impact, and digital marketing. Her approach is centered on the development of strategic pitches that enhance client engagement and market expansion. Martina’s master’s degree in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing from EAE Business School in Barcelona further underlines her proficiency in leveraging digital tools and strategies to achieve business growth.

Teaching Specialties of Martina Guzman

As an educator, Martina Guzman focuses on pitch training sessions, workshops, and strategic consulting, targeting founders, CEOs, startups, incubators, accelerators, and universities. Her courses and sessions are designed to empower individuals and organizations to effectively communicate their ideas, strategies, and value propositions, thereby fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and social impact in the digital age.

Impact on Students

Martina Guzman’s influence on her students and clients is profound, motivating them to pursue their ambitions with confidence and strategic insight. Through her tailored coaching and mentoring, Martina inspires a culture of empowerment, inclusiveness, and innovation, preparing her students to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Her dedication to bridging the gender gap and fostering social impact equips her students with the tools and mindset necessary to make a meaningful difference in the world.

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