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Dr. Roy Mouawad

Roy Mouawad, PhD

Founder @ LURNING

Dr. Roy Mouawad | ESEI Faculty 2024

Dr. Roy Mouawad is a distinguished scholar and educator based in Barcelona, Spain, renowned for his extensive expertise in Management Sciences. With a Ph.D. and Master of Research in Management Sciences, Dr. Mouawad has made significant contributions to the academic and business communities through his collaboration with prestigious institutions across Europe. His associations with ESADE Business School (Spain), Toulouse Business School (France), ESB Business School (Germany), Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands), OBS Business School (Spain), and EAE Business School (Spain) underscore his commitment to fostering excellence in business education.

Professional Background

Dr. Roy Mouawad’s professional journey is characterized by his roles in academia and the consulting industry. His experience as Vice President, Quality Director, and Academic Dean at several educational institutions reflects his leadership and commitment to enhancing academic quality and governance. Before his academic career, Dr. Mouawad’s tenure at PwC as a senior consultant in People & Change provided him with a solid foundation in consulting, further enriching his expertise in management and organizational development.

Core Expertise of Dr. Roy Mouawad

With a profound understanding of Management Sciences, Dr.Roy Mouawad specializes in people and change management, organizational behavior, and strategic leadership. His work focuses on integrating theoretical knowledge with practical applications, drawing upon his rich background in consulting to provide insights into the challenges and opportunities within contemporary organizations.

Teaching Specialties of Dr. Roy Mouawad

Dr. Roy Mouawad is dedicated to teaching subjects related to management sciences, with a particular emphasis on strategic management, organizational development, and leadership. His pedagogical approach is rooted in his belief in the transformative power of education, aiming to equip students with the analytical tools, critical thinking skills, and practical knowledge necessary to navigate and lead in complex business environments.

Impact on Students

Dr. Roy Mouawad’s impact on his students is profound, inspiring them to pursue academic and professional excellence. Through his engaging teaching style and depth of expertise, he challenges students to think critically about the role of management and leadership in shaping successful organizations. Dr. Mouawad’s dedication to mentorship and his commitment to applying research to solve real-world business problems empower students to become effective leaders and change-makers in the business world.

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