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George Chilton

George Chilton

Creative Director @ Hubbub Labs

George Chilton | ESEI Faculty 2024

George Chilton is a dynamic and creative force in the field of digital and content marketing, with a deep passion for helping businesses—especially startups and education companies—thrive in the digital age. As the Creative Director of Hubbub Labs, George brings a wealth of experience and innovative strategies to the table, offering services that are tailored to drive growth and enhance online presence. His marketing approach is holistic, emphasizing the power of compelling content and copy to engage audiences and foster meaningful connections.

Current Position

George serves as the Creative Director at Hubbub Labs, where he leads a team dedicated to crafting impactful digital and content marketing strategies. In addition to his role at Hubbub Labs, George is a co-founder of the Cooperativa de Serveis Lingüístics de Barcelona, a language services cooperative that emphasizes quality and community in linguistic services. His diverse experience also includes contributing insightful articles to Entrepreneur Magazine, focusing on startups, marketing, and public relations.

Core Expertise of George Chilton

With a background that spans teaching English Language Teaching (ELT), translation, editing, and proofreading, George’s expertise is multifaceted. His journey from an ELT teacher to a leading figure in digital marketing illustrates a profound understanding of communication in all its forms. His work as a former principal and managing editor at a public relations company, along with his contributions to Pearson Education as an assistant editor, underscore his ability to craft messages that resonate.

Teaching Specialities of George Chilton

George’s specialties include digital and content marketing, startup growth strategies, public relations, and effective communication. His real-world experience as a volunteer judge for the Chilean government accelerator programme Start-Up Chile SEED G17 adds a practical, hands-on dimension to his teaching, offering students insights into what it takes to succeed in competitive, innovative environments.

Impact on Students

George Chilton’s impact on students extends beyond conventional marketing teachings; he inspires entrepreneurial thinking and a creative, problem-solving mindset. His extensive background in content creation, combined with a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem, provides students with a comprehensive view of digital marketing’s role in business growth. George’s dedication to fostering innovation and his pragmatic approach to digital marketing equip students with the tools they need to navigate and excel in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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