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Dr. Olga Kanashina

Dr. Olga Kanashina

Associate Professor

Dr. Olga Kanashina | ESEI Faculty 2024

Dr. Olga Kanashina is a seasoned professional with an impressive 15-year background in sales, training, and development within the financial and insurance sectors. Her career is marked by significant contributions to the growth and expansion of companies through her expertise in active sales, database enhancement, and leadership. Olga’s experience in spearheading startup operations and launching innovative financial products demonstrates her capacity to drive business success in challenging markets.

Professional Background

Dr. Olga Kanashina’s career highlights include her pivotal roles at AVIVA Russia, AIG (ALICO) in Saint-Petersburg and Societe Generale Insurance. As a Training Manager and Head of Investment Products, she was instrumental in initiating unit-linked programs and managing the sales process, illustrating her strategic vision and operational excellence. Dr. Olga Kanashina’s leadership as Head of Coaches focused on optimizing sales strategies, fostering company-bank partnerships, and enhancing team performance through targeted coaching sessions.

Core Expertise of Dr. Olga Kanashina

With a profound understanding of the sales process and a dynamic approach to team development, Olga Kanashina specializes in aligning personal and company goals, strategic planning, daily performance monitoring, and professional skill enhancement. Her expertise encompasses sales and marketing consultancy, professional skills development, training and coaching, development and assessment, recruitment, and business startup advice. Olga’s ability to navigate complex business environments and achieve significant milestones is evidenced by her numerous achievements and the high regard of her peers and employers.

Teaching Specialties of Dr. Olga Kanashina

As an educator, she leverages her extensive industry experience to offer invaluable insights into sales management, professional development, and business strategy. Her teaching focuses on practical applications of sales techniques, leadership, negotiation, self-presentation, and communication skills. Olga’s courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in the competitive fields of sales, marketing, and business development.

Impact on Students

Dr. Olga Kanashina’s impact on her students extends beyond the classroom, inspiring them to pursue excellence in their careers with determination and strategic insight. Her dedication to fostering personal and professional growth through comprehensive training and coaching prepares students for success in the dynamic world of finance and insurance. Dr. Olga Kanashina’s commitment to developing future leaders and innovators in the business sector is a testament to her passion for education and her belief in the transformative power of effective training and development.

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