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Dr. Elena Emma

Elena Emma, PhD

CEO @ Startup Cielo

Dr. Elena Emma | ESEI Faculty 2024

Dr.Elena Emma is a multifaceted professional whose expertise spans executive coaching, entrepreneurship, and academia. Holding a PhD and serving as an adjunct professor, her work intersects significantly with transformative coaching and organizational development. As a seasoned executive coach and entrepreneur, Elena has dedicated her career to facilitating transitional coaching, promoting diversity, inclusion, and effectively managing multicultural environments. Her involvement as a TEDx Speaker, writer, and artist adds depth to her profile, illustrating her diverse talents and innovative approach to personal and professional growth.

Current Position of Dr. Elena Emma

Elena Emma brings her vast experience and unique insights into her role as an educator, where she imparts knowledge on transitional coaching, diversity, inclusion, and the restructuring and enhancement of systems, processes, and relationships. Her comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities within individuals and organizations makes her an invaluable asset to our academic community.

Core Expertise of Dr. Elena Emma

Elena’s core expertise lies in her holistic approach to coaching and organizational development. She specializes in assisting a wide range of individuals—executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, educators, accountants, artists, writers, and students—and organizations—including startups, businesses in aggressive growth phases, and those experiencing distress or crisis. Her strategies for organizational chart restructuring, culture enhancement, team building, training, and investment search are informed by her rich background and innovative thinking.

Teaching Specialties

As an adjunct professor, Dr. Elena Emma specializes in courses that cover transitional coaching, diversity and inclusion, and organizational enhancement. Her teaching is underpinned by her real-world experiences and academic research, providing students with a dynamic and comprehensive understanding of how to navigate and lead in complex, multicultural environments. Elena’s approach is deeply rooted in practical applicability, ensuring that students gain actionable insights and strategies to apply in their careers and personal lives.

Impact on Students

Dr. Elena Emma’s impact on her students is profound and far-reaching. Through her engaging teaching style and the breadth of her expertise, she inspires students to think critically about the roles of leadership, diversity, and organizational dynamics in the modern workplace. Her guidance prepares students to become effective leaders and change-makers, capable of enhancing systems, processes, and relationships within various organizational contexts. Elena’s dedication to fostering inclusive, adaptive, and innovative environments equips students with the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving global marketplace.

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