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Katya Sivkova

Katya Sivkova

Growth Marketer @

Katya Sivkova | ESEI Faculty 2024

Katya Sivkova is an innovative growth marketing expert and entrepreneur, renowned for her strategic approach to scaling SaaS companies through Growth Marketing and Social Selling. With her recent venture into launching a digital agency specializing in LinkedIn Social Selling, Katya has positioned herself at the forefront of modern marketing strategies. She is dedicated to transforming the way companies engage with their audiences, focusing on creating meaningful sales conversations that address customer problems and generate leads.

Professional Background

Katya’s expertise lies in her ability to blend growth marketing techniques with the power of social selling to drive business success. Through her digital agency, she offers a range of services from social selling workshops, and content strategy development for LinkedIn, to lead generation. Her work is grounded in the belief that sales should be about solving customers’ problems, a philosophy that has guided her to achieve significant results for her clients.

Core Expertise of Katya Sivkova

Specializing in Growth Marketing and Social Selling, Katya’s core expertise includes developing effective content strategies for LinkedIn, conducting impactful social selling workshops, and leading companies to generate leads through targeted social interactions. Her approach is centered around fostering genuine sales conversations that focus on providing solutions to customers, distinguishing her methodology in the digital marketing landscape.

Teaching Specialties of Katya Sivkova

As an educator, Katya Sivkova focuses on imparting her knowledge in Growth Marketing and Social Selling, particularly in the context of LinkedIn. She aims to equip students with the skills necessary to navigate the digital sales environment, emphasizing the importance of content strategy, engagement techniques, and lead generation. Her teaching methodology is designed to prepare students for the challenges of modern marketing, ensuring they are capable of implementing strategies that drive meaningful customer interactions and business growth.

Impact on Students

Katya Sivkova’s impact on her students is characterized by her dedication to transforming traditional sales approaches into innovative social selling strategies. By advocating for sales conversations that genuinely solve customer problems, she inspires students to think creatively and ethically about marketing and sales. Her guidance equips students with a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage social platforms for business growth, preparing them to excel in the rapidly evolving field of digital marketing.

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