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Julia Roca Valverde

Julia Roca Valverde

Event Manager and Ticketing strategist at JRoca Eventos

Julia Roca Valverde | ESEI Faculty 2024

Julia has over 18 years of experience in the world of sports management and has worked in the organization of more than 90 events, including 13 world championships. Julia Roca Valverde worked in the organization of FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, Billie Jean King Cup Finals 2023, Madrid Premier Padel 2022, FIH Hockey Women’s World Cup 2022, Davis Cup Finals 2019 and 2021, LEN European Water Polo Championships 2018, Basque Pelota World Championships 2018, FINA Swimming World Championships 2013, as well as the Valencia Open 500 ATP World Tour, amongst others.

Current Position of Julia Roca Valverde

Through Jroca Eventos, Julia Roca Valverde offers consultancy, production, and event management services for small and large events and focuses, above all, on ticketing strategies and creative ways to fill the stadiums of the events in which she collaborates.

Core Expertise

  • Ticketing Strategy
  • Event Management and Production

Julia Roca Valverde’s Teaching Specialties

Julia Roca Valverde dedicates a lot of her time to ticketing, but also to the production and management of events, which are part of her business DNA. She has a multifaceted profile within this highly competitive industry, and thanks to this diversity she is constantly learning and growing. This is exactly what she will be teaching and transmitting to her students.

Impact on Students

Julia is passionate about the sports industry and she has had the immense blessing of being able to work and continue working in areas as diverse as ticketing, accommodation management, accreditations, VIP hospitality, production, access control, and event management.

She wishes to be able to transmit this passion to her students at ESEI.

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