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ESEI Introduces: Podoactiva Field Visit

Outstanding MBA in Sports Management: Podoactiva Field Visit

The students of the International MBA in Sports Management benefited from the ESEI Business School-sponsored field visit to the facilities of Podoactiva in Barcelona and they were in for a surprise. 

Under the guidance of their professor Frank Hendrickx they were introduced to the high-precision technology applied by the company. They learned about the biomechanical study of the footprint, important to know and prevent possible pathologies and injuries of the foot and other parts of the human body.

To make things even more amusing one of the students volunteered to do a real test, so the group could experience first-hand how the medical staff of Podoactiva performs a complete gait analysis on their patients, which include elite football players of several Spanish and international teams as well as athletes of other sports disciplines.

The students will develop in class a case study related to Podoactiva and injury prevention in different sports disciplines around the globe. 

MBA in Sports Management programme explored in-depth:

Sports Media

New Trends in the Business of Sport

Entrepreneurial Sports Management

Sports Marketing

Sports Ethics and Social Responsibility

Technology in Sport

Financial Management in Sports

Events and Facilities Management

International Sports Law and Governance

The Ecosystem of Sports 

In addition, the student of the International MBA will also take,


    • 4 electives from the specializations of choice 

    • A significant group-based capstone project developed across the duration of the programme

    • 1-to-1 coaching sessions from a qualified in-house coach, a process that aims to help students figure out what the next step in their career might look like.

Throughout the academic year, ESEI teachers have a practical approach to education and each module is project-based.

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