Sustainability in Business Applied Course

Course overview

In the Fall semester, IMBA students will participate in a 5-credit applied Sustainability in Business course, in which they will learn through a mix of theory and practice and work on a real impact-driven project, ultimately contributing to the pursuit of a more sustainable world. Sustainability is at the centre of all 21st century global conversations, as the need to move big and move fast is essential. This course gives students a strong basis in the key theories and players in the sustainability movement.

What does it involve?

Students will participate in workshop-style sessions that will deepen students’ understanding of Sustainability as a holistic concept, pursuit and need in global society, as well as providing practical strategies and tools that allow us to effectively put it into practice. It also involves diving head-first into the 21st century sustainability pool by immersing students in the action through:

  • Site visits & talks with successful sustainable businesses and organisations
  • Meeting, connecting and working with local sustainability networks and leaders
  • Attending and volunteering at important events focused on the future of our planet
  • Developing and carrying out an impact-driven project that makes a real difference to the local environment and community
  • Presentation of student outputs & outcomes from project to key Sustainability players
  • 360 impact evaluation and establishment of next steps

For more details, check our International MBA programme here

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