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ESEI’s two-year MBA programme is all about putting the theory from the first year of your master’s degree into practice.

Once you have completed your one-year master’s programme, you’ll move into the MBA internship semester, which gives you the chance to benefit from valuable professional experience in an industry relevant to your future goals. Working with real objectives in a company that’s relying on you to add value also helps you see the academic knowledge and professional skills you acquired in the first year from a practical standpoint.
In the second semester you will go into greater theoretical depth, producing an extensive thesis that analyses your work experience in detail and reflects on your experience. By the end of the year, you will have gained the sector-specific knowledge and the analytical skills necessary to thrive in your chosen field.
You can take any of the 60 ECTS one-year masters programmes at ESEI and choose to extend the programme to a specialised MBA of 120 ECTS.
The structure is as follows:

Year 1: Taught track of 60 ECTS
Year 2: Experiential Track of 60 ECTS

The Experiential track consists of two semesters. During semester one, you will complete an evaluated internship with tutor supervision. In semester 2, you will complete a thesis project of 20,000 words, which you must defend in front of a panel at the end.

If you wish to progress to the Specialised MBA, you must notify ESEI in writing at the end of the first semester of the taught track. Your progress and participation will be evaluated before permission is extended as you must demonstrate the aptitude and motivation for independent study before they can proceed.

You must complete the taught track before the experiential track, and the semester order cannot be modified.



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Tuition Second Year


<h2 class="card-details" style="text-align: center;">Experiential track - The Internship</h2><p style="padding-left: 30px;">The internship can be found with the assistance of ESEI´s Business Liaison Coordinator if needed. Every effort will be made to find a placement that is suitably relevant to the student´s chosen field of study. This placement can begin during the taught track and can extend into the thesis semester though will only be evaluated during the internship semester.</p><p style="padding-left: 30px;">You will be required to set up a blog on which to record your self-reflection diary; a weekly posting of the tasks you have performed, the challenges you have faced, and the things you have learned. We would expect to see reflections based on evidence of academic reading as well.</p><p style="padding-left: 30px;">Twice per month you will have an hour with your tutor, either face-to-face or by skype, during which you can discuss your reflections in more detail, as well as your progress and the evolution of your objectives. The blog should be well presented, include images, and respect the confidentiality of the company.</p><p style="padding-left: 30px;">We may share the blog on our web or social media. The posts could be based on any of the following aspects:</p><ul><li>Identifying and discussing goals for your career and internship experience</li><li>Identifying explaining, and applying curricular business concepts to the work environment</li><li>Provide analysis of the condition, performance, structure and strategies of the work organization</li><li>Defining a problem or opportunity related to the work organization and using a problem solving process to explore alternative solutions.</li><li>Personal reflections on your work and academic experience and samples of your work product.</li></ul>


<div class="post-content"><h2 style="text-align: center;" class="card-details" data-fontsize="35" data-lineheight="30">Professional development pathways</h2><p style="text-align: left;">ESEI graduates go on to lead&nbsp;a great variety of successful careers, from professional skateboarders to company CEO´s.<br> Here are the most typical career paths which follow on from a masters in Digital Marketing:</p><ul><li style="text-align: left;">Digital marketing manager</li><li style="text-align: left;">Digital marketing consultant</li><li style="text-align: left;">Community manager</li><li style="text-align: left;">Experience designer</li><li style="text-align: left;">Social media analyst</li><li style="text-align: left;">Media and content manager</li><li style="text-align: left;">Communication manager</li><li style="text-align: left;">Campaign executive</li></ul></div>


It’s a great opportunity to gain experience in your field of choice. By doing the Experiential MBA, you not only have the knowledge basis to start a career but you also have the chance to put this knowledge to use.

Sara Armoul, MBA - Specialisation in Marketing

This programme includes all the important things a foreign post-grad student would need: academic lectures and unique assessment through writing grading system, internship opportunity, and business plan initiation and guidance.

Joanne Mattar, MBA

ESEI helps the students get out of their comfort zone and supports them while facing challenges.
I chose to do the programme because it will allow me to get more job opportunities worldwide.

Julian Saemann, MBA

Tuition Fees

For the 1st year (Taught track), the tuition fees are the same than the one-year Masters of 60 ECTS – find information here.
The 2nd Year (Experiential track) leading to a Specialised MBA in Management carries additional cost. If you decide to take this additional year, you will be required to pay 3,900€ before you start the 2nd Year.

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