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Accredited by Hertfordshire University
Accredited by Anglia Ruskin University


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October / February


The second year of your bachelor’s degree will test your practical skills and creativity with innovative simulation projects and work outside the classroom.
You will build on your first year knowledge and take control of your own learning. You’ll also participate in coaching and personal development sessions to help you develop and present your personal brand, distinguishing yourself in a competitive market, improving your job prospects and employability.


October – January

Quantitative Research in Business

Credits: 7,5 ECTS
Guided Learning Hours: 36

Learning Outcomes

  1. Make business decisions based on summary and inferential statistics
  2. Use optimisation techniques to evaluate decision making in business
  3. Understand and apply approaches to business forecasting
  4. Evaluate sequential management decisions
  5. Conceptualise the research process in business decision making

Efficiency in Business Operations

Credits: 7,5 ECTS
Guided Learning Hours: 36

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the principle structures of operations management and their use in a range of business environments
  2. Analyse the development of the operations management process within a range of contexts
  3. Analyse the role of technology in operations management in both domestic and international businesses
  4. Assess the design of goods and services and how the operations process supports this
  5. Critically evaluate process efficiency in operations, with particular reference to the lean operations approach

Technology and Business Organisations

Credits: 7,5 ECTS
Guided Learning Hours: 36

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse and critically evaluate the use, benefits and costs of information systems within organisations
  2. Understand the application of information systems systems both internally and externally, and their importance to organisational strategy
  3. Understand and evaluate the impact of technological change on information systems within organisations
  4. Critically evaluate the social, cultural, structural and political aspects of information systems and their interrelationships

Consumer Behaviour

Credits: 7,5 ECTS
Guided Learning Hours: 36

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand what is meant by consumer behaviour and its relevance to marketing
  2. Examine how consumer behaviour can be researched and the ethical considerations involved.
  3. Examine and compare the internal and external factors which affect the buying behaviour of (a) the individual and (b) organisations
  4. Evaluate the theoretical approaches that help us understand how and why consumers buy new products within a range of different contexts
  5. Analyse the post-sales stage of customer loyalty, retention and engagement.

February – June

Strategic Digital Marketing

Credits: 7,5 ECTS
Guided Learning Hours: 36

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the decision making process in marketing and the environmental and market forces which affect this.
  2. Understand the process of research which leads to effective decision-making in marketing
  3. Understand the roles played by marketing and sales in launching new products, and analyse how the effectiveness of each process can be measured
  4. Understand strategic marketing in global business, and the factors which influence its adaptation and application.
  5. Understand up-to-date marketing strategies in contemporary business and evaluate their effectiveness in a range of contexts.

Advanced Financial Management

Credits: 7,5 ECTS
Guided Learning Hours: 36

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and apply IFRS in the preparation of financial statements
  2. Understand and evaluate the function of managerial accounting as part of business strategy
  3. Apply a range of techniques to assess the financial performance of organisations
  4. Understand and evaluate the use of financial Key Performance Indicators in strategic business analysis

Organisations and individuals

Credits: 7,5 ECTS
Guided Learning Hours: 36

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the role of HM and Talent management in the onboarding process to enhance performance and commitment of the employee within the organisation
  2. Understand strategic recruitment and its importance to organisational strategy
  3. Understand the principal theories of HRM practices and processes; both currently and those in development in modern HRM
  4. Understand the role of Human Resources in the global organisation in managing expatriate assignments and developing key talent.

Macroeconomics for Business

Credits: 7,5 ECTS
Guided Learning Hours: 36

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of macroeconomic theory and concepts
  2. Assess the differing approaches to the nature of the firm
  3. Understand and evaluate methods of risk assessment and risk management
  4. Critically assess approaches to assess demand and cost estimation and the analysis of competitive structure
  5. Demonstrate the ability to research and use relevant data and to apply economic analysis to examine the current business environment and the impact of government policy on business


Level 4 and Level 5 Diplomas will be awarded by ESEI, though these are also fully recognized and authorized by the Catalan department of education. This ensures that students, parents, teachers and employers worldwide can be confident that qualifications and assessments meet rigorous quality standards.

The third year of the course (Level 6) will be delivered by one of our partner universities in the UK.

For students who have completed Level 4 and 5 ESEI diplomas, students will either receive a valid UK degree in Management (180 ECTS) by the University of Anglia Ruskin, or a valid UK degree in Business Administration (180 ECTS) by the University of Hertfordshire, as well as a private BA (Hons) in Business Administration by ESEI International Business School Barcelona.

Students will receive a valid UK degree, which is recognized and accepted by employers and institutions around the world.
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Anglia Ruskin University

​Frequently Asked Questions

What if I apply and Covid precludes my arrival?

In regards the Covid-19 outbreak and studies at ESEI, we are confident that things will normalise pretty soon, and the Fall 2020 intake will go on as planned on campus. However, should you find yourself directly affected, you will be in a position to receive full refund of the tuition paid or process a deferral free of charge to later intakes available in 2021.

Do you offer scholarships?

We do offer scholarship opportunities to students to help them cover a small part of their tuition fee (up to 10%). You will need to attach a scholarship form along with your online application and the other required documents. Please note that the deadline to apply for the scholarship for Fall 2020 would be 31-March-2020 and for Spring 2021 would be 31-Jul-2020. We evaluate each case individually, and apply up to a maximum of 10% if the case is approved. More detailed explanation on scholarship types and requirements accessed here

Do you offer internships?

Job opportunities hugely depend on your qualifications, skills and experience. Around 10 offers are provided by ESEI / month, and we are in direct contact with more than 20 companies and 2 HR agencies for offers each semester. We offer assistance with all of this through our dedicated career services.
You can find more information about our Career Services through the following link
You can read more about career opportunities for international students in the following post

Do you have dorms?

Student Accommodation Options:
1) we provide a list of student accommodation agencies that help our students find their ideal home in barcelona, with attractive promotional codes specific to our students.
2) there is a relocation package with an accommodation agency, you will pay a certain fee and they will send you the accommodation letter you will need for the visa, and they will do the apartment hunt for you and find you the specs you want. More details on both option can be accessed

What is the application deadline?

Non-EU citizens needing a student visa to study in Spain, should make sure to secure admission at least three months before the start of the courses to avoid delays in arrival to Barcelona. Late applications received one month prior to the start date of the course will be considered based on the available places left in the programme. Because of the limited number of places available in our programme, we advise you to start your application as early as possible. Applications are being received for Fall 2020.

Will I receive administrative support from the school...

Will I receive administrative support from the school for my residency documents?

ESEI has guidelines on all administrative processes undertaken by students and the school’s staff supports students with this on a one-to-one basis.

More Questions?

Let us know! We would be happy to advise you!