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Bachelor students

Best Bachelor in Business in Barcelona: a vibrant career in a vibrant city

Being a student in Barcelona is equal to catching opportunities.

And taking a Bachelor in Business at ESEI, one of the most important International Business Schools of the city, is equal to establishing a solid career.

Every year, 20,000 international students add to Barcelona’s 188,000 students.

People from all over the world come together in Barcelona to form a large international network. You will always find connections in the expat circle and in the student life of the Spanish people.

Eventually, there is no such thing as boredom In the Catalan capital. This vibrant metropolis is a magnet for events and attractions, enriched with cultural diversity and international flair. The nightlife is bustling, and during the day you can eat the typical, mouth-watering tapas.

The Bachelor in Business: words from the students

Enthralled with the enormous amount of startups and business opportunities in Barcelona, many students at ESEI felt right to report their experience.

Lulu is a student that took the Bachelor degree in Business, focusing on business administration. She has the goal of giving new value to her birthplace, a small town in Ghana, by creating a small business that can create opportunities for the people and boost the local economy.

Thanks to the course, she was able to find a job as an administrative assistant at Worldreader, an American E-learning provider, with presence in Europe and Ghana that uses low-cost technology to spread education for children.

She reported that in ESEI you receive a very dedicated and personal attention from the teachers, which unlocks concrete career opportunities and qualify the Business program’s classes as a perfect solution for improving your skills, receiving the right tools, and clarifying any of your doubts along the study program.

In fact, this is a critical point for advanced learning.

Having someone available to assist you almost personally gives the chance of applying the knowledge to more personal career goals, other than meeting one’s personal study methodology.

Eventually, Lulu highlights the advantages of gathering economics, math and accounting under one flag, pointing at Business administration as a complete course that allowed her and many other students to get job opportunities immediately.

More about Lulu’s experience at ESEI and in Barcelona can be found in this testimonial video.

The Bachelor Business Program: from awareness to professionalism

ESEI cooperates with the top-notch UK institution Anglia Ruskin University to provide a globally recognized degree that guarantees access to valuable working positions internationally and a valid achievement for your CV.

The Bachelor Program guides the students along a three years path providing the leadership, management and administration skills required from modern multinationals of many industries.

Year 1: laying the foundations

Business trends today are more dynamic than ever. Globalization and digitalization have led companies to stay constantly updated and to open new job positions for young minds that can copy with this fast pace.

Think of your career like building a skyscraper: to gain the basic business skills is laying the foundations. Specifically, you will learn:

  • Leadership methods according to psychology techniques of organizational behaviour
  • How to monitor performances and keep them high in terms of finances, business goals and time saving.
  • How to communicate, pitch and present complex topics in an easy way, meeting the professional expectations
  • The functioning of market strategies, both offline and online and how to enhance them tactically
  • Mathematics applied to all aspects of business administration

Year 2: building a vertical structure and a professional facade

The second part of the program is where you can bring your skills to the next level.

The modules focus on building advanced competencies, such as:

  • Quantitative research
  • Advanced financial management
  • Consumers’ behaviour
  • Macroeconomics

You will have then given a visible, professional structure to your array of professional abilities

Year 3: choosing your rooftop

If you pass the first two years you will have the chance to choose your specialization among:

Digital Marketing & Transformation

You will focus on online marketing processes, strategies and tools. Moreover, you will learn how the most recent innovations in the Tech world are revolutionizing many industries (industry 4.0) and what it means to work in a data-driven company.

Sustainable Business Innovation

Insights on sustainability at the change management level, meaning how to handle the business impact on the environment according to certain budgets.

Moreover, you will get what it means to build a sustainable business itself, meaning what are the characteristics of companies that thrive and last over time thanks to innovative business models.

Sports Management

This Course focuses on entrepreneurial management for the sport industry at a marketing, media and innovation levels. Furthermore, you will learn in depth what are ethics and social responsibilities to comply with when working in this industry.

After successfully completing one of the three specialization courses, you will finally get the globally recognized diploma from our UK partner, a certificate that will unlock the possibility to excel when administering a business project.

Walking towards the future

To become the next big promise in the future of Leadership and management you need the right kickstart.

ESEI has made available for you an informative brochure where you can check requirements and achievements related to the Bachelor in Business.

Access it now by clicking here, and take the first step on your walk towards the future.

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