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Storytelling in Marketing: A Master in Digital Marketing to connect with people

Why storytelling in marketing?

For one main reason: stories are what make people connect the most.

Mark has just finished his bachelor degree and he feels ready to take a bigger leap.

He’s exploring the possibility of pushing his career forward by starting a marketing course, but he doesn’t know how it works. In fact, he’s not sure of what the word Marketing really means, and he doesn’t want to conform with a bland Googled definition.

Mark, like many others, is exposed to an average of 7.000 ads a day and he sees a lot of them when he checks his Instagram, his Facebook, and when doing some research on Google.

His questions come instinctively: how can a person working in marketing rise above the others? How can he or she bring real value to people and win their attention? Would it be ever possible to convey a message to someone you don’t really know?

Becoming a content creator in Digital Marketing

Today, Digital Marketing is a term that runs in everybody’s mouth.

People still love to shop in person, yet, Brands cannot abstain from building a strong presence online, following the digital migration of an enormous chunk of the market.

It is here that a content creator can make a difference for his or her career, for the people receiving the message and for the Brand itself.

Interaction is key

Marketing content must be equal to human interaction.

To create real value for people, building a connection is the first step. This serves to introduce ourselves to a specific audience and build reliability, so that they will listen and care when we try to make their life easier.

And this is exactly the point: making people’s lives easier, eventually presenting a specific product or service that is proved to be useful for a certain person.

In fact, marketing is not shouting out loud something to anyone, but clustering a group of  people with specific characteristics (age, gender, geographical location, habits and others) and learning from their deep desires.

Yet, to make all of this work, we don’t only want to say how things have to be done, or what product is really useful. We want to firstly build a scenario where we show a real, close connection between the Brand and their habits and beliefs.


George Chilton is an industry expert for Digital Marketing. Considered by many companies as a living benchmark when it comes to storytelling, he is also a professor of Digital Marketing at ESEI and Creative Director at Hubbub labs.

Quoting from him:

“The average person tends not to make difficult purchasing decisions with their head. It’s all about the heart – even in business. […]

Copywriting is about connecting with the audience on an emotional level and giving them the tools to rationalise their decisions later on” – George Chilton

Storytelling involves a two-way interaction between a content creator and one or more listeners.

In most of the cases, start with a scenario where a problem that concerns your audience is raised, highlighting the fact that the reader is not hopeless, and is not alone in this.

A solution (the service or product) will serve as turnover, the breaking point of the story where the audience learns about that one and unique answer.

This all is done leveraging one or more potent emotions in order to generate a response.

In fact, storytelling is realized when there is an interaction, a cooperative, coordinated effort between creator and audience.

Different types of public (belonging to different social classes, cultures and backgrounds) will want to read content in a specific tone, and will build certain expectations around what they’re learning from the creators.

But the interactive nature of storytelling is also coming from the immediacy and the impact, a powerful image carved in the readers’ minds.

Storytelling is an Art.

And, like any art it requires creativity, knowledge, skills, and practice.

This is why you need a good teacher, a practice-oriented course, and of course, practice.

If you want to gain more insights about storytelling, watch this short video.

A team player that knows the Solo Mode

A marketing content creator needs to know how to coordinate the marketing teams and with the executives that run the business.

All the biggest results ever achieved by companies, regardless of their size, are a blend of powerful individual’s competencies and team work.

A great content creator, for example, can do nothing without a strategist that drives his creativity, and vice versa, a master of marketing tactics would be left reading some spreadsheets without a copywriter and or a designer.

In a nutshell, get the tools and skills to work autonomously, and be ready to give and get some assists to score.

In summary, creating marketing content means:

  • Giving away useful info in a narrative way
  • Build a link between the brand and its audience
  • Explaining the Brand’s values and mission in a creative, compelling way
  • Being ready to coordinate your skills with other marketing specialists.

Storytelling in Marketing The ESEI Digital Marketing Program

ESEI’s Master in Digital Marketing helps students understand how brands create meaningful connections with their customers using storytelling techniques.

With a concrete focus on applying the theory in practice, the course fathoms the role of content marketing in communicating a brand’s values to its audience share. This means having all the tools and skills to cover a role in an international startup, as well as in a big multinational corporation.

ESEI’s Master in Digital Marketing is a programme accredited by the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM), suitable for goal-oriented, creative and open-minded professionals.

With ESEI’s Master in Digital Marketing:

  • Learn what drives conversion, how to address a specific target audience and identify the market in the digital world
  • Learn how to use storytelling in content marketing
  • Develop an effective content marketing strategy

If you are ready to start, discover more information here.

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