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ESEI provides the Best Master in Management to boost your professional business profile and take your management career to the next level.

Considered by our students as the Best Master in Business, our Master in Business Management serves as the ultimate guide to becoming a successful business leader in the 21st-century global environment. You will be immersed in key areas of effective leadership, communication and personal skills development that can boost your career path, especially in the context of managing international teams.

With business intelligence tools within our Master in Business Management, you will learn how to design and implement innovative business strategies for companies to gain a competitive advantage using effective project management techniques and the latest transformational technologies. You will also become an expert in the analysis of key performance indicators to ensure an organisation is meeting their companywide objectives.

Upgrade your Masters to an International MBA in Management. See programme details here

“I must say that ESEI turned to be very helpful in handling many challenges in my professional life due to its personal approach and focus”

Laura Neuper - Austria

Master in Business Management at ESEI

Why study a Master in Business Management at ESEI?

In an increasingly competitive job market, having a Bachelor degree is just not enough, and employers value candidates who can prove their competency through higher levels of education and training. Choosing the Best Master in Management is therefore crucial for your personal and professional development as well as preparing for your next corporate role.


Our Master in Business Management is the Best Master in Management to get you prepared for a successful management career. By studying business management at ESEI, you will increase your career potential and personal brand by demonstrating:

  • World-Class Education received from ESEI International Business School, a Renowned Business School in Barcelona and Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM), a Spanish top ranking state-accredited University. 
  • Practical Business and Management Skills received through ESEI’s commitment to project-based learning assessment approach and real business case scenarios.
  • International Exposure by being immersed in ESEI’s multicultural community of students and faculty. Over 92 countries have been represented at ESEI since its founding in 1989!
  • Strong Professional Network with top industry experts and mentors you will meet during your Master programme.






Elena Emma

Steve Mallon

The Master Programme in Business Management is equivalent to 60 ECTS Credits at level 7 on the European Qualifications framework. The MBA is equivalent to 120 ECTS at level 7 on the European Qualifications Framework. Credits issued by the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I apply and Covid precludes my arrival?

Do you offer scholarships?

Please refer to our Scholarship page

Do you offer internships?

Job opportunities hugely depend on your qualifications, skills and experience. Around 10 offers are provided by ESEI / month, and we are in direct contact with more than 20 companies and 2 HR agencies for offers each semester. We offer assistance with all of this through our dedicated career services.
You can find more information about our Career Services through the following link
You can read more about career opportunities for international students in the following post

Do you have dorms?

Student Accommodation Options:
1) we provide a list of student accommodation agencies that help our students find their ideal home in barcelona, with attractive promotional codes specific to our students.
2) there is a relocation package with an accommodation agency, you will pay a certain fee and they will send you the accommodation letter you will need for the visa, and they will do the apartment hunt for you and find you the specs you want. More details on both option can be accessed

What is the application deadline?

Non-EU citizens needing a student visa to study in Spain, should make sure to secure admission at least three months before the start of the courses to avoid delays in arrival to Barcelona. Late applications received one month prior to the start date of the course will be considered based on the available places left in the programme. Because of the limited number of places available in our programme, we advise you to start your application as early as possible. Applications are being received for the upcoming intake.

Will I receive administrative support from the school...

Will I receive administrative support from the school for my residency documents?

ESEI has guidelines on all administrative processes undertaken by students and the school’s staff supports students with this on a one-to-one basis.

More Questions?

Let us know! We would be happy to advise you!