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Comparing titulo propio and titulo oficial

Types of diplomas: Learn about The different Titles in Spain

Comparing titulo propio and titulo oficial

In Spain, higher education is divided into two main categories: university education, known as Titulo Oficial, and specialized higher education, known as Titulo Propio. ESEI’s Master Programs are Titulo Propios however they follow the same governmental regulation as the programs that are Titulos officials, which are based on Article 34: “Ley Orgánica Universidades”.

What is a Titulo Propio?

Titulo Propio is a type of specialized higher education offered by universities and other educational institutions in Spain. It includes a range of courses, programs, and degrees that are designed to provide students with specialized knowledge and skills in a particular field.

Unlike traditional university education, Titulo Propio courses and programs are not subject to the same strict regulations and requirements. Allowing institutions that provide titulo propios the chance to offer programs that are focused on innovative industries, preparing students with skills that will make them more competitive in new developing industries.

Types of Titulo Propio Courses and Programs

There are many different types of Titulo Propio courses and programs available in Spain, covering a wide range of subject areas. Some of the most common include:

Master’s degrees – Postgraduate programs that typically last one or two years and provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in a particular field.

Specialist courses – Shorter programs that focus on specific areas of expertise, such as marketing, finance, or project management.

Executive programs – Designed for professionals who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in a particular area of business or management.

Continuing education programs – Courses and programs that are designed for professionals who want to continue learning and developing their skills throughout their careers.

Benefits of a Titulo Propio

One of the main benefits of Titulo Propio is the flexibility it offers. ESEI offers a wide range of executive courses, master programs, and IMBAs’. These will allow you to develop profound skills that are specific to your needs and interest, which is what is great about the titulo propio!

Another benefit is the focus on practical skills and knowledge. Many Titulo Propio courses and programs are designed with the specific needs of the industry in mind, and they often include hands-on training and real-world experience.

Finally, Titulo Propio can be a great option for professionals who want to enhance their skills and knowledge without having to take time off work or commit to a full-time course of study. Many programs are designed to be flexible and can be completed full-time, part-time, or online.

What Profile fits this title?

  • Students who just finished their bachelor’s degree and are looking to specialize.
  • Students who are looking to up-skill
  • Students looking for a career change
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Leaders
  • Innovators
  • Business orientated individuals

The Titulo Propio is for individuals who are looking to be leaders in the private sector. Those who look to not only study relevant material that is up to industry standards but who look to apply that theory to real-life cases in hopes of developing themselves proactively.

ESEI’s Titulo Propio in Collaboration with UCAM

At ESEI International Business School of Barcelona, we provide 8 master’s degrees:

Upon completion of one of these Master’s, ESEI students receive a ‘Titulo Propio’ accredited by UCAM. This means our students will have access to many opportunities mainly in the private sector.

An important aspect to mention is that students who receive a titulo propio are eligible to do a Ph.D. outside of Spain as it is still a recognized diploma!

Some examples of the types of jobs you are able to do after you graduate are:

  • Social Media Marketer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Business Developer
  • Account Manager
  • Mobile Marketer
  • General and departmental management
  • Economic control and management
  • Hospitality Management Roles
  • Sports Agents
  • Athletic Director
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Administrative and Financial management
  • Business Operations
  • Production and logistics

ESEI’s Teaching Methodology

The methodology employed by ESEI is founded upon Project-Based Learning (PBL). What does this mean?

It is a priority of ours to help our students learn through Project-Based Learning. PBL is an approach to learning that enables our students to work with others on projects that are meaningful to them and their career goals. These projects require creativity, collaboration, communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. These skills are just like those required in the workplace!

We encourage our international faculty to plan activities outside of the classroom so our students can practice these skills in class with other students and help local companies to solve real-life business problems.

What is a Titulo Oficial

Obtaining a Título Oficial (official degree) is an important step towards advancing one’s career and professional prospects. Whether you are a native Spaniard or an international student looking to study in Spain, understanding the importance and significance of an official degree is crucial. The faculty teaching this type of diploma must have a Ph.D., having done years of research in the dedicated field of study.

It is officially recognized by the Spanish government. This recognition ensures that the degree meets specific standards of academic excellence and is recognized by other institutions and employers nationally and internationally. 

The issuance of these degrees is regulated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports through the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) and the respective regional agencies.

Types of Títulos Oficiales

In Spain, there are different types of Títulos Oficiales that are granted depending on the level and type of education pursued. Some of the most common degrees include:

Bachelor’s Degree: Undergraduate degree programs that typically last four years.

Master’s Degree: Graduate degree programs usually take one or two years to complete.

Ph.D.: Programs that require several years of research and culminate in a doctoral thesis.

The Benefits of Obtaining a Título Oficial

Obtaining a “título oficial” in Spain. Some of the most notable benefits include:

Recognition: An official degree is a symbol of academic achievement and is respected in governmental positions or the public sector.

Access to further education: Holding an official degree is often a prerequisite for pursuing advanced degrees or professional development opportunities. For example, if you are looking to do a Ph.D.

What Profile fits this title?

  • Government Body
  • University Teachers
  • Researchers
  • Doctors
  • Physicists
  • Chemists
  • Biologists
  • Engineers

What Plans Do You Have For The Future?

You are currently planning your future, thus research is very important for students to do prior to enrolling in any institution. ESEI provides high-quality teaching with a different approach than most Universities. PBL is a key factor to many of our student’s success in the professional world, as it prepares them profoundly. Depending on your profile and what you aspire to be in the future, there are many options out there. ESEI’s Titulo Propio is accredited by UCAM approving our master’s degrees and secondly, because it is structured to help our students learn the most up-to-date material within the relevant industries in Business. Aiding students to develop important professional skills that will be more useful in the sector that they will be working in.

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ESEI's Teaching Methodology

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