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The post-Covid economy: to relaunch or to rethink?
May 13 @ 3pm

The post-covid economy by damien bezançon

Within the coming days or weeks, we will be allowed to go out again, but it seems life will not be back to normal anytime soon. The big question around the economy is whether it is so disconnected from real life that - unlike us - it can go back to normal. And can we really call the pre-Covid economy normal anyhow?

This period of confinement is an occasion to step back, forget about the short-term pressure of quarterly results and think of the long-term. The economy will be negatively impacted, it already has been. What does that mean for us, for companies, for nations and for the World? What can we expect from what we already know and, most importantly, what can we do to contribute positively? During this session, we will explore possible paths for tomorrow's economy and reflect upon what each and everyone of us can do in order to give tomorrow its beautiful colors back.

Damien Bezançon is an entrepreneur and business school professor who has 10+ years professional experience in the finance world. He started his career in the banking industry in 2004. After having worked in securitisation before the 2008 crisis, he worked until 2015 in the private equity sector, investing in and following companies across Europe. Since then, Damien has been teaching finance and accounting in various schools and institutions. In parallel, he has launched his entrepreneurial career with a business venture focused on outdoor activities. 

When: May 13th, from 3 to 4:30pm