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Cybersecurity Tips: How to Protect Yourself & Your Business

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Guest Speaker for the Technology and Business Organisations module within the Bachelor in Business Management programme. 


Meet Daniel Agudo Garcia – CTO @ Webhelp Spain / Head of Information Security @ Focus Market.

Daniel is a Telecommunications Engineer passionate about creating and improving businesses through secure technology solutions. Among his wide experience, he has been helping out large corporations to protect their assets by means of: cutting-edge technologies, security strategies, cybersecurity frameworks, risk management programs, secure software development methodologies and security awareness sessions. In the security field, Daniel has been certified as Information Security Systems Professional, Manager, Auditor and Penetration Tester, by the most internationally recognized organizations (ISACA, ISC2, BSI, etc.). 


No matter personally or professionally talking, everyone is exposed to Cybersecurity threats. It is not a matter of IF but WHEN am I going to be impacted by a cybersecurity attack. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to understand the cybersecurity threats and more importantly know the basics to protect ourselves and lower the risk of, for instance:  losing company’s or personal sensitive information, get information exposed and be blackmailed in exchange for money or being impacted at a reputational or personal level by a privacy breach.


This lecture is relevant to all students in the context of a modern world because articulating some knowledge and practical advice on cybersecurity could help them to minimize security threats and the risk of cyber-attacks.


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This is a private event for ESEI Level 5 Students enrolled in our Bachelor in Business Management.

Students of other programmes are also invited as long as they do not have class.

Start Time


15 de November de 2022

Finish Time


15 de November de 2022


ESEI International Business School, Barcelona

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