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ESEI Visits Morocco in 2022!

ESEI Visits Morocco in 2022!

ESEI had a busy travel schedule during their recent trip to Morocco.

ESEI’s Head of Admissions, Simisola Okoya visited Morocco at the end of March and participated in School Visits and Education Fairs where she talked with Moroccan students interested in studying business programmes abroad.

Fair morocco 2During these events, she met with students from top schools who were interested in finding the best university courses in business abroad.

These study abroad events took place in various cities in Morocco and were hosted by ESEI’s trusted educational partners that provide Moroccan students with counselling services in offices across the country.

Simisola explains that “the experience has been very enriching for me in terms of gaining the mindset of one of our target markets and knowing what they need. This was an eye-opener and gave me a lot of insight as to how Moroccan students view ESEI programmes, and what they want from their study abroad experience”.

Students who study at ESEI have the chance to study alongside students from more than 40 nationalities in small class sizes which gives a very personalised experience.

ESEI also provides a lot of touchpoints with the local and international business community in Barcelona through hiring industry experts and professionals as faculty and guest speakers, taking students on industrial visits and organising career fairs.

ESEI also has a long history of welcoming Moroccan students to study our Business programmes in Barcelona. Morocco students consider Spain close to home, and ESEI programmes are very attractive as it provides the opportunity for students to be in an international environment, polish their English business skills, and gain career opportunities to start them off on their dream job.

morocco fairDuring her trip to Morocco, Simisola also had the chance to meet Yassine Saad, an alumnus of the ESEI Master in Business Management programme (2017) who currently works as Product Line Manager at Berger-Levrault, an international software publisher, supporting private and public professionals with 51,000 clients and 1,900 employees in France, Spain, Canada, Morocco, Belgium and Italy.

Our trip to Morocco was a great success and we look forward to participating in similar activities in other regions of the world!

At ESEI, we’re all about supporting our students with their studies, relocation and career in Spain.

Every year, we welcome over 200 international students from all over the world to experience some of the best times of their lives.

If you’re interested in having a similar experience, our International Student Advisors will be happy to help you get started!

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