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ESEI Students visited the Tripadvisor office in Barcelona!

tripadvisor talkESEI Students visited the Tripadvisor office in Barcelona!Last week the students from Tourism and Hospitality had an amazing opportunity to visit the world’s largest travel guidance platform, Tripadvisor.

Our students got to explore how essential it is for tourism businesses to have a digital presence and how the TripAdvisor website is an essential tool for hotel managers, tour operators, restaurants and hostels particularly to assess customer feedback.

They also learnt about how marketing works for a web company and how to manage a multi-national hospitality business.

The group was composed of 12 students, who are studying our Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management programme and other Master’s students from Marketing-related programmes as part of the module for Branding and Marketing for Tourism.

The visit was organised by Margreet Van Egmond, professor of Branding & Marketing for Tourism and Innovation in the Hospitality Industry at ESEI, and director of Tourism Marketing Concepts, a Travel / Destination Marketing and PR consulting company offering a wide range of services to consumer brands and governmental organisations.

We had a fantastic time at the Tripadvisor office! The team were incredibly welcoming and helpful and gave us a broad insight into what it’s like to work at Trip Advisor.

Their mission is to connect the world through travel and their office reflects this! We would definitely recommend other ESEI students to attend similar visits and we really hope to visit them again sometime soon!

If you are interested in studying the Best Master in Hospitality Management and have considered studying abroad, our Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management is a unique opportunity that you should take into consideration.

Having first-hand experience of how companies like TripAdvisor work will be useful to understand how to apply the practical skills learned during your master’s programme to real projects.

Thank you to TripAdvisors for welcoming us and teaching us more about your company!

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