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Esei Graduation Ceremony 2015

Esei’s 24th Graduation Ceremony

The 24th Graduation of Esei Business School students was held on Saturday July 18th of 2015.

It took place in the gardens of the school located in the beautiful Pedralbes neighborhood of Barcelona. More than fifty guests were welcomed at 7.30pm with a glass of champagne, and the students trooped off to collect their caps and gowns; ready to become graduates.

The ceremony began with some words of wisdom by someone who has been present at every one of ESEI´s 24 years of graduation ceremonies: the founder of the school, Mr. Jorge Estera Sanza.

“This cycle of your training is over, understanding training as formation; forming the shape and mold of your personality. From now on, you enter into a new Kingdom called society. In this Kingdom, you will realize that life is constant movement, real and physical, and that you are ready to move with it.

I raise this glass and I show to you students, parents and friends that I’m moving something just as you will also move companies, money, people, hopes and dreams. You will experience success and failure. I acknowledge that I have failed many times and I have learned to get up again, to try again. Success will come after several attempts and when it comes, new challenges will arise. This is the tragedy and the beauty of life.”

Mr. Estera introduced “Arete” as a new concept in the lives of students. Arete, is a Greek term understood as the pursuit of excellence, using the full potential and knowledge. Arete is the virtue by which we can experience pleasure in achieving objectives that are difficult but possible.

The Master of the ceremony continued by calling the students by name and surname, and presented them each with the diplomas, a smile and a handshake.

After that, Mr. Mark Thomson, Esei’s Academic Manager, explained an alternative, older meaning of the word “graduation”. He explained it refers to tempering of metal by fire, in a way in which you can measure its qualities. Indeed in their time at ESEI all students have been tested and tempered; making them stronger and more self-; ready and resolved to face the challenges of both life and the labor market.

He stressed the quality of Esei students and its Bachelor and Master programs in which they have participated actively, have developed and improved their communication, leadership, negotiation, intercultural and entrepreneurial skills as future managers.

On behalf of the students, Mr. Ali Can Civan, a Masters graduate in Marketing & Communication, who studied his Bachelor at one of the most prestigious universities in Istanbul, said that Esei was originally selected as his second option but following the principle that things happen by fate, he decided to study in Barcelona at Esei Business School and finally realized that this was the right choice all along!

He appreciated how much he had learned, how well he was treated and at the same time, he valued the quality of the teachers, tutors, administration and fellow students in a friendly and funny way as he highlighted certain anecdotes in a year that he and his friends will never forget.

The speeches over, the students finally felt the moment of graduation had arrived, and threw their caps into the sky with joy.

As the waiters started serving canapés and drinks, guests gathered together shared views and experiences from the academic year.

Normally, a graduation is the point where a student will then turn to worry about how to find a job, but the most remarkable thing is that 100% of Esei students who want to work already have jobs in the areas of marketing, communication and finance. Taking advantage of ESEI´s internship programme or its network of professional contacts, our students have been able to find opportunities. With their two or three languages each, fluent English, and excellent personal and professional skills, it has not been a hard sell. Undoubtedly, the economy is still in recovery, but our graduates prove that it is not all doom and gloom. Those who stand out from the crowd will always find opportunity, and they certainly have the spark inside them that is needed if we are to emerge with a stronger economy and closer society.

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