Mark Thomson – Mentoring our top-up L6 students


markthomsonI’ve been in Barcelona for about 8 years, and live in the leafy (but not so lively!) town of Sant Cugat. Aside from tutoring in ESEI, I teach research design methodology at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, and negotiation strategies at the Geneva Business School. I’ve also just set up my own business organising immersion language programmes through volunteer work. 


I’ve studied various things, from German literature (my first degree) to conflict resolution, philosophy, education and applied linguistics. Psychology is next on the list if I can gather up the motivation. 


Aside from work, I lead a fairly atypical teacher’s life, which tends to surprise my students.  I don’t play golf or squash, but spend my free time writing, skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. I was a full time skateboarder for 4 years before I became a teacher; trying to live from the money I won in  competitions or got for appearing in magazines and videos. Not an easy life, but a lot of fun. I also DJ (funk, reggae, hip hop and afrobeat) in bars and clubs around Barcelona at least twice a month. I’m a vinyl purist and try to avoid djing digitally as much as I can, but I may be a dying species. Talking of species, I’m also vegetarian; not too common in Barcelona!. 


Travelling is a really central thing for me, and I believe everyone should get out there and learn about other cultures, taking that understanding home with them to enrich your own environment. That’s one of the nicest things about ESEI, is the mix of other cultures and perspectives in an educational setting. 


 I’ve lived in Sweden, south America and Canada, plus travelled a lot around Europe and Japan. As a native of Scotland, however, I tend to gravitate towards the warmer regions of the planet, and here I am in Barcelona. 


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